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    Capital Regional Medical Center in Tallahassee has a new senoir leadership member. We had a welcoming celebration for him today in the cafeteria. A favorite local BBQ joint catered the event, and since I am on the activities committee, I helped dish the food out to everyone for an hour or so. I had fun doing it, and it was a great event overall. I am excited for our facility! The future looks bright for CRMC and the Bariatric Center. That being said (and working in Bariatrics) I couldn't help but think (from an outsiders point of view) how hard event's like these could potentially be on a Lap-Band patient, especially a new Lap-Band patient. We have 2 lines of BBQ being served out as a form of celebration. What if you can't have BBQ? Or, even worse, what if you REALLY like BBQ, BUT you shouldn't have it, but want to be involved in the event? I mean, I try to eat healthy, but I fell weak to the temptation and grabbed a plate. Would it be cheating to a Lap-Band patient, even though the environmental pressures are so elevated it's almost considered "anti-social" not to participate? Society doesn't make it easy to come to terms with obesity, and it makes it even harder to fight. It helps me remember how much hard work, dedication, and attention goes into pre/post opp lifetstyles of a Lap-Band patient. I don't claim to fully understand because I do not have a band inside of me. But I've struggled with weight loss and know it's trials. I am amazed at the strength and tenacity of those individuals fighting to improve in any way, and I tip my hat to you all. In my eyes, you are all warriors, surrounded on all sides, fighting back the masses, and winning!!! As my Grandpa used to tell me, "Go get 'em tiger!" Grrr...
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    Skinny Bucket List

    I have totally loved reading everyone's skinny bucket lists!! Here are 10 of my to-do's once I reach my goal weight: 1. Fit back into my wedding dress and have a "trash the dress" photo shoot! I totally want to do this: http://www.libbyjamesblog.com/2011/01/13/trash-the-dress/ 2. Go on a float trip (where I live folks get together in large groups, rent canoes, drink adult beverages, and float down the Buffalo River) and wear a bikini and look DAMN GOOD in it! 3. Skip my high school reunion - NOT because I am fat, but because I am just way too busy with my life! 4. I want to fit back into my seven and citizen jeans...and then I want some new pairs! (I just can't see spending the money on designer jeans right now...but when I get down to my goal weight...some new jeans are mine!) 5. Not feel embarrassed when I run into old friends...'cause I will be looking soooo good! 6. Re-energize my love life with my husband 7. Shop, shop, and shop some more! 8. Actually take friends up on their offers to come over to their house to hang out in their pool 9. Wear dresses in the summer heat and not have my thighs stick together...mine don't even rub they just don't separate, it is like they have post-it note glue on them or something 10. When I hit goal...hello tummy-tuck!!!
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    Ditch the idiot nutritionist for starters! That is such irresponsible advice. One thing any bandster knows is that once you have good restriction you do not mess around with it. It is so easy to lose that perfect place and unfilling your band is one very common way for that to happen. It can also cause slight shifting as has happened to me (mine was unfilled for a major surgery), and whilst that's not a problem, I've never gotten the same sort of restriction back, even when my band has been FULL. Luckily I've changed my lifestyle, kept my weight off for so long my body is now used to it and having less restriction really hasnt been a huge problem. And the second thing is, if you've really changed the mindset and lifestyle of a fat person, then holidays arent all about scoffing food anyway. You dont need an empty band to taste new things, enjoy small portions of them, etc. But certainly, if you're wide open with an as yet filled band, starving hungry and are prepared to wear the consequences of eating more, then you can safely do so. But it might be an idea to eat things that will fill you without too many calories - a wholegrain sandwich full of salad vergies and Protein is very filling but also very healthy, and less likely to cause weight gain than stodgy, heavy bistro food for example. That's what I did when I had to be unfilled and the only weight I ever gained was weight I'd lost due to being sick and just took me back to a BMI of 21.
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    lol..... i guess thats a good enough reason ....
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    I've actually lost 100 pounds in 8 months and am 30 pounds to goal with very little exercise. Therefore, there is no direct correlation between weight loss and exercise for me. With that said, I certainly need exercise to tone up and for heart and other health benefits. In short, there's plenty of great reasons to exercise but it would not be accurate to say it is always necessary for weight loss or lap band success - at least not for everyone. And you are dead on about excuses - everyone can find time for 30-45 minutes a day 4-5 times a week - period.
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    New Girl Here

    HI anjelika... Take in all the info you can get from the clas and this board. I think this is a whole new begining and i cant wait to get moving.
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    How Much Is Everyone Able To Eat?

    It may only be the size of a thumb, I think that's a bit on the small side, but the food moves through rather quickly so you can eat more than that amount. Instead of thinking," How much can I eat?" I always tried to thi k " How little can I eat?" In other words, from the very beginning I ate like I was in the elusive "green zone". I measured out my 3 or4 oz of protein and 1/2 cup veggie and when that was gone I walked away, that was it. And eventually, I was totally satisfied with that amount!
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    Thanks so much for asking this question! I was hoping there was a topic on here already about this! I am nine days post op and I was having issues before my surgery and I am still having issues. I think I will be picking up some Miralax today.
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    110 in six months but I worked my butt off to get there!
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    Need A Buddy!

    Hey everyone, was looking for a lap-band buddy. I was banded January 2007, lost weight, gained, and now I'm back on the "bandwagon", just looking for someone for support and accountability especially with excercise (I'm usually motivated, but I fell this week in the snow and in a lot of pain, I'm afraid that I'll lose my motivation) Thanks for reading!

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