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    I went in for a fill today cause I have started to creep up a little. My fill doc wanted to know if I would like to be a mentor for a new lap bandster. I reminded her that I wasnt even at my goal yet. She said that didnt matter. I am at 75% of my excess weight, so I am doing better than the average at my time frame. I am still losing (fairly slow pace) so she thinks I would make a good mentor. I told her I would. I am hoping that it helps me as well to keep on track and revisit the basics more often.
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    Frustrated - Plateau & No Restriction

    You have to talk to your surgeon about why he won't give you more volume in your fills. I had my first fill Monday, and he put 5 cc - to get 4cc into a 14 cc band. I doubt that any of your saline is getting in, let alone staying, in the band. There is always saline that stays in the line from the port and then leaks out, so with 1 cc at a time you're getting NOTHING and probably HAVE nothing. This is a mistake by your surgeon, and you have to discuss this with him ASAP.
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    I love Luna bars! Maybe try some of those packets of tuna. I haven't tried them, but they don't need refrigeration and they open easy so that may be an option.
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    Elizabeth, Yes, I am looking at March as the time to prepare mentally, physically and environmentally. Mentally- to get my head even MORE in gear to the lifestyle ahead of me. Physicially- continue eating nutritiously and amp up the exercise routine to prepare my body and liver for surgery, and environmentally- prepare my To Do List and grocery list for what I will need pre and post surgery.
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    I had to do a two-year program. I saw my doctor approximately every two months, counted calories, and walked 5 miles almost every single day. I didn't do anything differently---I ate healthy, but on many of the days I ate way too much. During some visits, I lost weight, yet I gained on others. My weight never stayed the same, but the experience was a true snapshot of how my weight has yo-yoed most of my life. At my final visit, I had lost 14+ pounds in the two-month time period and was concerned I wouldn't be approved. However, my insurance company received my paperwork on February 15, and the approval letter was dated February 17. The two years actually passed by much more quickly than I thought they would.
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    Ruby Tuesday, Oh How I Love You

    Yes, those pictures are from before I was sick. I was a size 8. I haven't done much shopping lately - I kept my clothes on the way up - it wasn't all that long ago (5 years since i got sick, 4 since I put on the weight) so most things that are basics are still relevant. I did go buy a couple of shirts and a jacket at Kohls which was no big deal - I knew what size i needed and grabbed them and left.
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    I am in my 5th month of my 6 mos now. Will know the end of march first of april if i am approved. I cant wait.
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    Yep, I started it about 2 weeks post op as well. It's an amazing program. I finished it, and am now training for a half marathon. Ran 4 miles last week and could have kept going. Love couch to 5 K!
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    February Bandster!!!

    My date is February 20. Sooo excited.
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    Just wanted to let our Aussie members know that Allergan has recently produced some fantastic mini-documentaries on actual Australian LAP-BAND patients, they have some amazing stories to tell. The testimonials are non scripted and each patient tells their own unique powerful story of how LAP-BAND changed their lives. Please check them out below: http://youtu.be/DpBn5tdurS0 http://youtu.be/2MhLCK4y8Rs http://youtu.be/F7N_O44V-dQ http://youtu.be/fzzWcH6QjRY http://youtu.be/M9luKdxAKJc

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