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    Be honest....

    Sure, diet and exercise are easier. I've done it for years, and I've lost the same 20 pounds about a dozen times! Losing the weight is not the issue. It's keeping the weight off that is so hard. For me, banding was the end result of years of weight struggles, failing on every diet I ever tried, and realizing the clock was ticking. I'm not a young man, and how many more years of life would I have before chronic gross obesity finally killed me? Bandng was a fantastic option for me, and allowed me to finally get my weight under control. I will never look back, nor will I go back to being obese. Now, nearly a year after surgery, I've lost 125 pounds. I have had ZERO reflux, slippage, vomiting, hair loss, not enjoying alcohol, water not going down, or pills not going down. I've been stuck a few times, and each time it was because I ate wrong. If I pay attention and eat as a bandster should, I do not get stuck, and I can eat anything I want. I've had seven fills, the last three of which were very small, to tweak my "green zone" so my band works properly. Fills are no worse than getting a shot. It's a non-issue. Constipation is related to what I'm eating, and how much Fiber I'm taking in. My digestion has slowed down because of my diet, but it's another non-issue. I take fiber as part of my daily diet, and when it's time to visit the bathroom, there are no issues on that score. It's a small price to pay for being over a hundred pounds lighter. The decision you need to make is how many more years (and times) are you going to "get serious about diet?" If you could do it that way, you wouldn't be obese now, right? My honest advice is that if you have any doubts of being able to "get serious about diet," then have the surgery. If it doesn't work for you, then have it removed, and go back to chronic dieting. You have nothing to lose but your excess weight, right? Good luck! Dave
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    I just want to give everyone heads up regarding insurance coverage. I spoke to my carrier BC/BS of New Mexico. They do cover lap band for patients with a BMI 35-40 who have co-morbidities, without a huge list of other hoops. That was the good thing I have been very excited because knew I was qualified and just had to wait it out.and go through the steps. I called again today and asked some more questions. What I found out is that even though those are the requirements for the insurance company , my employer has tacked on another more strict condition and you have to have a BMI of 40. No exceptions for co morbidities, or the fact that the plan covers it. I am so upset right now. ( crying of course ) So I either an sol or I would have to gain a minimum of 25 lbs to qualify. So I am basically out the $450 program fee I paid, and the $250 copay for the endoscopy. I was too upset when I spoke to the surgeons office to ask for a partial refund of the program fee. ( they will probobly remind me that it was non-refundable) Anyway just a heads up for those who are borderline, to not take the insurance companies or surgeons word without asking a ton of probing questions, and restating the information back to them, to make sure it is correct.
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    What my doc said today...

    You have to be sure you want the band and know what you are getting into, the band is WORK. All weight loss surgeries are but the band is especially. For the most part we still have to make good food choices and "diet" and work out and be careful to not "eat around our band" by eating junk food, because that stuff certainly goes down like butter.. We have to be patient, coming out of surgery you may not have restriction for months, it can take one or several fills before you feel any difference. I mean believe me, it works and helps ALOT, but it takes time and patience for most of us. You won't see results as fast as you would with the sleeve. I'm not saying you don't know what you are getting into, because I don't know what you've researched or been told. But, I find that ALOT of new banders have no idea that it involves work and patience, alot of newbies just think the weight is magically going to fall off right away in large amounts, that isn't always the case. You have to be prepared for every possible out come. This is life changing, just be sure that it is the right thing for you and that you WANT it, not just "guess" that it's what you're getting because they told you to. I have a realize band, some will say the lap band is better some say realize is better. I really don't know what the difference is honestly or if one is really that much better than the other. I let my doctor choose which he thought was best for me. You'll see that many people have lost 100lbs with the band, some less, others have lost even more than 100lbs, so it is definitely possible. I have (a total) of well over 100lbs to lose. I've lost 62 so far, and I still have about 90lbs to go to get down to an actual "normal" weight, but honestly I will be happy with a loss of another 60 or 70lbs. I try not to focus on numbers so much, I just want to look "normal" and I'll know when I get there. My doctors also thought (and still think) I will do well with the band because of my age and also because I know how to eat right. I've lost weight tons of times, I just haven't ever been able to keep it off. So I guess all those years of practicing eating right are finally paying off. I'm a slow loser, I've lost alot less than what most people here lose within their first year but that's also because I have PCOS, this makes it even more difficult to lose weight. I'm happy with my progress and I'm actually happy that it's coming off slowly. It's giving me time to live and eat realisticly. If I was perfect at my eating and worked out 6 days a week, sure I'd be losing faster but I also know that that is not how I will live my life forever. Being gung-ho about excersing and eating rabbit food is just never a lasting thing for me and never will be, that's what got me so fat in the first place. So I do everything in moderation, I work out when I can and eat well 90% of the time. So I have to lose slower than most, so be it, I'm still losing. I think when doctors say that younger patients will do well with the band it is because younger people seem to be able to adapt to new things and change their habits a little easier, they also find it easier to be more active. Not to say that older patients don't, because many of them do well too. You can do this too, and it can be right for you. You just have to be determined and don't get caught up on how everyone else did, or is doing. It's possible to lose the amount you need to lose, you just have to want it. I wish you the best of luck!
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    December Bandsters!

    Attention all December 2011 Bandsters!!! "TheCoolestSarah" started a Secret/Private group on Facebook. I am helping her add some of us in the group. If you are interested in joining inbox me. It is not searchable in Facebook because its private. I will have to friend you, then add you, then unfriend for privacy. Inbox me your full name None of your friends will ever know and nobody in the group will have access to your pictures or wall. RoeRoe I glad you made it in the group.
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    Why are you eating French dip & chips at all?!!! No band will work if you don't change your eating habits dear. I understand your concern & how you feel but I'm worried your miss using the band as it's not there for the purpose of continuing to eat poorly. If you change the type of food your eating you may not get reflux or have ANY problems at all. I'm sorry if this sounds aggressive, it's not meant to be but seriously chips?
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    Lap-Band Failure Rates

    Even though I am not happy with my band lately, I have to agree with another poster that the pars flaccida technique was a likely culprit. Also, earlier on, they were shy on filling bands and didn't know how to do them successfully. So, the success rates would reflect that. Now... I do think the band is a wonderful weight loss surgery tool, but yes, it does have its faults. If I knew I'd obstruct when my allergies get bad or if I get a cold I'd obstruct or that I'd obstruct when I swim or that I'd obstruct after flying or... etc. I might have reconsidered the band...
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    Lap-Band Failure Rates

    Hi All... I thought I'd do a short update on my successful band removal yesterday. Everything went well and I was able to come home late in the afternoon. I'm feeling so much better now that the band is gone. Here is something to keep an eye on. The surgeon who removed it found that it had been causing scar tissue to build up on my liver. This would not have been caught had I not made the wise decision to have it removed. Apparently, the band had been rubbing against my liver, thus causing the scar tissue. I have no idea how much damage was done but will certainly be following up on this with my doctor. So...after 1.5 years of PBing and vomiting, I now have liver damage. Boy, I am so glad to be free of this thing. If I could share one bit of advice, it would be to encourage those of you, whether successful or unsuccessful with the band, to please have yourself checked out for possible complications that you may not even be aware of, which could be doing significant physical damage. As in my previous reply, I plan to remain on my organic, whole foods regime, continue to increase my exercise at a reasonable rate, and enjoy the steady weight loss I am experiencing without the nasty side effects of the band. I wish you all health and success. God bless.