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  1. Oopsseedaisy


    Yay for you ... congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Oopsseedaisy

    First Nsv

    That is one of the best NSVs! That and being able to get into the car in the tight space between cars in the theater parking lot!!!
  3. Oopsseedaisy

    Information For Surgery

    Lisa -You can take unsed medicine to any pharmacy. That is what I did. Sunshine -My husband brought puzzle magazines, ipod, and a book. He ate outside of my room (I was nauseated the first few days). Good luck!
  4. Oopsseedaisy

    Vsg Fall Back

    You should also drink more water. It helps everything -like better skin, eating less, and helps stay you regular. It is a really simple thing you can start doing today.
  5. Oopsseedaisy


    GREAT news!
  6. Oopsseedaisy

    Can U Ever Have?

    I will start by saying there is nothing in soda that your body needs. I have on occasion had some coke zero and some coke when I had a migraine. I have even had a jack and coke (prob only three since surgery). I am a year out. I can drink about 1/3 of a can and give the rest to someone else. I can however drink a whole frozen coke. I get about one icee every three months. The key is moderation and do not develop a multiple coke a day habit. I do not believe the carbonation will stretch your stomach.
  7. Oopsseedaisy

    Getting Sleeved Today

    Best wishes on a speedy recovery! Remember to sip walk rest (repeat).
  8. Oopsseedaisy

    Sleep Apnea

    My sleep apnea is gone ... Yay!
  9. Oopsseedaisy


    My surgeon uses drains but asked him not to, because I am allergic to plastic. He agreed in my case to omit the drain tube.
  10. Oopsseedaisy

    Surgery Tomorrow

    Prayers for you tonight and in the upcoming days.
  11. Oopsseedaisy

    Halfway There

    Wonderful accomplishment ... Keep at it!
  12. I suffer with migraines and could not have the RNY because I take lots of different kinds of medicine to prevent and treat the headaches. The medicines would not get into my system properly with the bypass.
  13. Oopsseedaisy

    I Feel So Alone!

    I am glad to help anyway I can. I have gotten so very much support from VST. I have aften said that the members here understand in a way no one else does. Hugs to you!
  14. Oopsseedaisy

    I Am Out

    Sip, walk, rest, repeat. Sending healing vibs out to you!
  15. Oopsseedaisy

    Halfway To Goal, 110 Lbs Gone!

    Great news! I am very happy for you!
  16. Oopsseedaisy

    Crazy Nsv

  17. Oopsseedaisy

    Nsv For Me!

    Congrats ! ! !
  18. Oopsseedaisy

    Onederland! Omg!

    Congrats! ! ! It took me months also ... but you made it! YAY!!!
  19. Oopsseedaisy

    Wonderful Onederland Reached!

    Way to go!
  20. Sending good wishes and healing vibes in your direction.
  21. Oopsseedaisy

    My Latest Nsv

    I went to the doctor for migraines , but when the nurse was taking my blood pressure, the cuff didn't pinch me! That is up there with crossing my legs and fitting in a restaurant booth!
  22. When I stepped on my scale yesterday the display showed 199.8 and this morning 199.2! I am so happy I have finally reached this milestone! I really wanted to get here before my one year surgiversary and I made it with 2 weeks to spare. Thanks to all my VST family for the support along the way!!!
  23. Oopsseedaisy

    Got A Date!