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    I'm curious how many fills it took you to feel restriction? AND Over what period of time this took? Here's my info: Surgery Date: July 26, 2011 (received a small fill) 1st fill - 4 weeks later - no restriction 2nd fill - 3 weeks later - no restriction 3rd fill - 2 weeks later - still no restriction (I think I'm at 5 cc's) Next Fill 10/26 (4 weeks later)
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    Help me out - banded 9/28

    I was banded 9/16. Lost 14 lbs in 3 weeks, then stopped dead. Gained 2, lost 1.5. Went to the Dr 3 days ago and he said that since a lot of my post op loss was water, I was just re-hydrating. He didn't fill me at my 4 week visit on Friday because, even though I had gained 2 that week, I was still on target with 1 - 2 lbs loss per week (what he said goal should be). He said I could decide in 2 weeks or wait until my next visit in 4 weeks. Since last week though I have felt very bloated, pain in the band area, almost like a gas pain. He thought the pain was possibly from my diet coke (s) so I cut those out, but still having the "gas" pain, which I hadn't had weeks 2 -4. Hang in there...start exercising at least 15 mins/per day.
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    Help me out - banded 9/28

    It's normal to not lose or even gain some weight after surgery. The first month or so is all about healing, not weightloss. I was banded Dec 2010, the same happened to me, I lost about 13 or 14lbs the first week and then maybe another pound or 2 until my first fill, 6 weeks after surgery. Once I started getting fills the weight started coming off slowly. The more fills I get over time, the more restriction I get followed by more weightloss. I have months where I'll lose a good amount of weight, and some where I only lose a few or none at all. For some of us it may take a few fills to gain restriction. You have to be patient and be very careful with what you are eating in between fills. If you aren't feeling restriction prior to fills you will have to diet all on your own as best as you can until your band starts helping you. The process of getting the band is so exciting and patience is the last thing we have when we've been through so much. We just want results right now, and that's understandable, I think most of us felt and/or feel that way. But that's not the reality of it (for most of us anyway), results may take a while. So just be patient for now, don't be upset if you gain a few pounds or if you're stuck at a certain weight, it's ok, you're on the right road. Give yourself time to recover before you start pushing yourself or being upset with yourself. The scale will start moving in the right direction before you know it.. Good luck!
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    Help me out - banded 9/28

    I am so glad that this topic was posted. I was banded 9/27. Lost 22 lbs 2weeks pre and 2 weeks post, and now nothing. Very depressing. I am eating next to nothing. I get my first fill in a couple weeks. Hope that will make a difference. Think positive!! This too shall pass.
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    Help me out - banded 9/28

    Visit the September 2011 topic and you'll see you have a lot in common with all of us banded about the same time. Remember that for 4-6 weeks your body is healing. Until you get your first fill the band isnt working optimally. It's more that the swelling and healing and lower activity combined with lower calories has our bodies confused. Stay off the scale for a week. Rest. Let your body heal. Be patient. We're in for the long haul. Becky Banded 9/19
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    What this study doesn't appear to take into account is the long term weight loss success of the 2 procedures. Perhaps one of the reasons that banding patients statistically take the weight off and keep it off vs. bypass patients is that they work harder to achieve their weight loss goal. That is....going strictly on what the article and study are saying about the tendency to make poorer eating choices as a banding patient. The other reasons are physiological of course, but could it be that you tend to cherish and protect something that you work harder to attain. Most of these studies are just a numbers game anyway, IMHO.
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    No support from my husband

    My husband baked the yummiest muffins about a week after I was banded - they smelt divine - I could have happily killed him. But as the others have said you are responsible for what you put in your mouth and I also agree that you should be doing the shopping or at the very least give your husband a list. Keep a supply of crystal light or something similar at home for when he drinks soda. And who says that you can't eat out/ having a band doesn't stop you doing that. Go to restaurants, pick something that you know you can eat and is a healthy (or healthier) option . And don't forget the 80/20 or 90/10 rule. No one expects you to be a dieting saint 100% of the time - the occasional treat helps makes life pleasurable.
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    Help me out - banded 9/28

    Me too. I was banded 9/26. I lost 15 lbs the first week. 5 the second. Then nothinnnnnn.... Hate that. Makes me want to eat I have a long road I need to stay motivated and probably off the scale.
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    Help me out - banded 9/28

    I was band 10/4 I lost 13 pounds the first week and nothing this week I think it is normal I heard after the fill it should get better I too am a little upset but good luck!
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    I just had a really dumb moment, I looked at the bottom of my own profile and saw my Doctors name and thought it was your doctor. Sorry but do let us know how it goes