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  1. transforming jlaroux


    So, May is 2 years of banded living. Last month my surgeon told an entire room that I am the practices most successful band patient!!! Oh My God! Me!! I get to be results not typical! Finally!!!:-)
  2. transforming jlaroux

    Do you ever feel full?

    Juat eat til you are satisfied. Full is a miserable feeling. I gurgle, burp, and have pressure when I am full.
  3. transforming jlaroux

    I guess

    I'm a veteran!!! Im 21 months out and have over 200 posts on here! Woohoo! I've lost 111 pounds and am renewing my wedding vows in a lovely size 14 dress with 4 inch heels! I havent gotten to my goal yet, but should be there by summer, juat short of 2 years!
  4. transforming jlaroux

    How many cc's is your band?

    I have 10cc in my 14cc band. I'm in the green zone. I've thought many times I was in the zone, only to find a few months later i needed another fill. I've lost 111 pounds since May 2011. Keep at it, dont get discouraged and dont be afraid to ask for a fill when you need it. You will learn the signs!
  5. transforming jlaroux

    Help I'm Not Losing

    That first 5-8 minite thing is often referred to as " first bit syndrome". I get it to. I have had it from my 3rd fill. It took about 6 fills to get to the green zone for me. It sounds like you need a fill. FBS happens b/c you may be hungry and forget to follow the rules! I sometimes dont chew well enough and my band reminds me its there! Good luck at your next appointment!
  6. transforming jlaroux

    5 Years Later

    Thats one of the reasons i got banded! So i could get adjusted if i started to gain:-) go ser your doctor, get a slight fill. Im sure things shift and change in there!
  7. transforming jlaroux

    Soup And Sandwich

    When i eat soup, i eat it first, b/c if i eat it second, then its like im drinking while eating, and i will pb. Also its better to have a chunkier soup w lots of Protein. As for the sandwich, i would not b able to eat a pita, i would do a half of a high protein, low carb wrap instead. Father Sams makes a good one. Youll have less trouble getting it down, gave less calories and more protein. Just a bit of advice from an old bandster:-)
  8. transforming jlaroux


    So what did you decide to do?
  9. I also have the soft signal of hiccups, but i also find that when I am almost done, i start to lose interest in my food. Ill start to push it around, or find myself going slower. On the flip side, when I need a fill, i hover over my food, my bites get larger( more like a fork full!) and i scoop my food without regard for anything else! So be aware of that too! Best wishes on your new journey!!!
  10. Split pea soup that is creamy, not chunky, was a lifesaver. It has Protein built right into the beans! Lol. Campbells. Muscle milk, g3( gatoraide product), yogurt. Try adding an unflavored protein powder( unjury is a good option). Good luck! Keep going! You can do the liquids!
  11. transforming jlaroux

    Never...ever Thought I'd Do It :)

  12. transforming jlaroux

    How Often Is It Safe To Go For A Fill?

    Your doc will only give you one if he/ she feels its ok. Mune, however, will only fill about every 4-6 weeks.
  13. transforming jlaroux

    Couch To 5K Anyone?

    Its pretty cool to run w her. Im actually wirking her up to something called dog scootering. Shell love that to. Then she can run at her pace and not mine! I just wish i could take her on a race with me. I really need to find a dog friendly run! Why cant u take ur dog?
  14. transforming jlaroux

    Couch To 5K Anyone?

    I started and im now on week 4 day 1. I love it and so does my german shepherd. She hears the chime and changes pace. Its wonderful running with my dog!!! Planning on my 1st race on october 20!
  15. transforming jlaroux

    Starving And Sad...

    Split pea soup has a lot of protein too! Keep at it! You'll be back to eating savory food soon!
  16. transforming jlaroux

    So What's For Dinner Tonight

    I had 1 homenade soft taco and a tablespoon of refreid beans. Then i had a small piece of cheesecake( emotional eating 100%). But still under calories for the day.
  17. transforming jlaroux

    Great Story On A Lap Band Success!!!

    What a great article!
  18. transforming jlaroux

    The Thought Of Soup Makes Me Sick

    I know its hard! I remember well. I ate a lot of greek yogurt, protein drinks and shakes, a variety of soups, jello and pudding( both w added protein). I splurged a bit on the soup and didnt just get cans. I bought premade soups, which are far more pleasing when all you can do is liquid! Keep up the good work with following the rules! Its so very important.
  19. transforming jlaroux

    Port Pain

    I am 15 months out and i srill have some pain when i do strnuous exercise. The port is sewn into the muscle. It takes a long time to heal. I talked to my doc about it, and he said what i experience is normal. It used to happen more frequently, now its MAYBE. Monthly. Congrats on being on the losers bench!!
  20. transforming jlaroux

    Salad Dressings

    I always get stuck on salad, but if i eat baby spinach in place of lettuce, i dont get stuck.
  21. transforming jlaroux

    You Had Your Surgery And ..

    I have lost 103 pounds and now Ive walked a warrior dash, am training for a 5k and have 2 more races scheduled for tge year. Im wearing a 14(from a 26), i just had a photo shoot done because Um being highlighted at my bariatric clinic because Ive been so successful, and IM HAPPY!!
  22. transforming jlaroux

    Large 14Cc Band

    I have 9.5cc in my 14cc band. I have lost 103 pounds since 5/24/11. But my loss has never been consistent. Ill lose big one week and be stuck for a couple weeks. Its frustrating, but not enough to give up!!!
  23. transforming jlaroux

    Pb's And Parties

    Yeah, it doesnt hurt or anything!
  24. transforming jlaroux

    Pb's And Parties

    I had to pb out the car today, at a stoplight. Of course Im in the middle of expelling the offender, and the light changes, so my partner is like, come on, hurry up!" as if.... Lol
  25. transforming jlaroux

    Tightness Fluxuates?

    Yup, this is very nornal. My doc explained that as you sleep, fluid pools around the band(think how tight your jewelry is in the morning), and as you move around the fluid redistributes itself.