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    is it worth it?

    While everything that has been said previously is true and, I too have had a fairly smooth journey. I think it is important that you look at this from all sides. Plain and simple, the band requires a certain level of maturity. You say that you do not want to feel a lot of pain. Many of us suffer very little pain - myself included. But pain is subjective, my pain threshold may be higher than yours. This is surgery and there will be incisions that will require time to heal. Hence, there will be some pain. The good news is, the doc will give you meds for the pain. More good news, many people do not suffer shoulder pain, although almost everyone has gas to one degree or another. My shoulder pain was quite painful ... I didn't know it was gas, I just thought they had laid me on my side during surgery for too long. LOL I used moist heat for a few days and started walking and voila! the pain subsided. Taking Biotin should help with the hair loss, but mostly, if you get the proper Vitamins and minerals, Protein, etc., you should be okay. And yes, there are exceptions, you can read about it on this forum. The most important thing to remember about the pain/gas is that it is TEMPORARY. Can you go through a little physical pain after surgery to stop the neverending emotional/psychological pain of living "fat" in a society that discriminates against the "overweight"? But more importantly, can't you get through a little pain to ensure that you have a healthy future? A future without diabetes meds, high blood pressure med, cholesterol meds, sleep apena machines, etc.? The band is not a miracle cure. It is not a cure at all. It will require hard work and committment to reach your goal. Some, but not many, go through this jouney with relative ease. At 18 you are the BEST candidate PHYSICALLY. Your skin still has a lot of elasticity. What I wouldn't give for your youthful skin elasticity. (sigh) But, some, at 18, 19, 20 are not ready mentally. Some cannot/will not give up bad eating habits long enough to reach goal. You sound like a very smart person because you are honest about your fears; and you question whether or not you will be able to make the changes necessary to be successful with the band. Keep reading this forum and do your research. You are 18, and if you are not ready, you are not ready. This is for you to decide. There are other 18, 19, 20 year olds here, you should chat with them about their band experience. As to the answer to your initial question: "Is it worth it?" YOU BET! I have never worked harder to lose weight -- but I love every minute of it. I love the exercise (this was NEVER me), I love not overeating anymore (you KNOW this was not me or else I would not have become obese), I love ME and the way I look in my "new" size clothes. I love the confidence I have in myself. I understand that thin or fat life is not a bowl of cherries, but at least being obese is not one of my problems anymore. I wish you the best, and if you decide to take this journey, remember we are here for you with support, suggestions, and even a reality check when you need it. Make the choice that is right for YOU. ~Fran
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    Please post your before and after pictures here for inspiration to others. PLEASE NOTE: Comments are welcome and appreciated! But to keep this thread loaded with great pictures, the moderators will delete all comments after a couple days to keep this a true picture thread. Please don't be offended - we think you'll enjoy it seeing pictures only!
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    Was the Band Necessary?

    A properly adjusted lap band will provide pressure on the vagus nerve, essentially dimming your appetite for several hours at a time, and will allow you to feel satiated with a smaller volume of food. Without the band, eating similar amounts of food results in undeniable hunger after a short period of time. So you may be able to eat like a bandster without the band, but how successful would you be doing that long-term? The band helps you in your weight loss - it won't do it for you, but it gives you an edge you don't have without the band. I know I wasn't able to maintain any sort of weight loss before being banded. I lost and regained the same 20 pounds about ten times. In eight months I've been able to get back to a weight I haven't seen in about fifteen years. I like having that sort of results, because at this point, I could eat this way forever. Keep in mind you were only recently banded, and you've only had one fill. It takes several fills till the band starts showing itself, by affecting how you eat, and how you feel after eating. So you're still in that gray area where the band is still being fine-tuned for your body. Give it time. One of the most important things a bandster needs to develop is patience. Dave
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    I had the same problem post surgery (well after the runs stopped). I have tried EVERYTHING - and tbh the best thing to resolve the situation is Benefiber (or generic alternative). You can mix it into anything and it's tasteless
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    Hooray! Best of luck to you dear! Making steps toward better heatlh is such a wonderful thing for you to do. Trust me, for years, I never thought it was possible for me to conceive or be pregnant. It's almost like a miracle. I know that you''ll do great!
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    Shrinking Justine

    Banded Today!!!

    Awww That's ok. You can hobble around instead of walk walking. At least you have a week to recover a little between the knee surgery and the band. Good luck with it all
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    so.. hi FOLKS!! My name is Patty. I was banded July 1, 2010....and I will freely admit, the band has been a wonderful tool...I have lost 120 lbs, from May '10 till about 2 weeks ago......(50 lbs pre op) so here's my (few) things does anyone just start to think the band is now just a Pain?? I am soo sick of it right now...(granted I have been sick with strep for a few weeks, like bad, with cellulitis) and now my cycle, so it is bound to be tighter...but DAMN (sorry) it seems like EVERYTHING gets stuck...I had to pull over to puke up split pea Soup I made myself yesterday...(like a puree) I know I am in a mood, but I right now am tired of this!! and this one is bigger than the band so, we are food addicts. we all have to admit that. what happens when food isnt our drug anymore?? we switch addictions to??? and what happens when we lose more than 100 lbs + and well, then nothing changes.....so like, now what?? I know I'm expecting a lot outta that little piece o plastic in there, huh?? just tired I guess, but I tell the truth, you know you all have thought these things!! share your thoughts please?? cuz, you know...even tho I've lost 120 lbs, doesnt mean I dont look (to myself) like almost 400 lbs still....that never goes away for me anyway.. thanks for reading if you've made it thus far and, yes, before you chastise me, I know I am wrong for just not going in for an unfill..that just feels like defeat somehow to me...(yes I have issues, LOL)
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    Dr Billy Ventura California

    I saw Dr. Billy for the first time. What a great doctor! He answered so many questioned and gave me so many good tips. I was going to go down to TJ to see Dr Lopez but when I found out an upper GI costs as much down there as it does here. (I am without insurance of any kind) I would be a fool to ever go back to TJ. Also, TJ for a single blonde girl is never the safest palce. I am soooo happy to be a Dr Billy patient. I will never go to TJ again!!!! Dr Billy (805)648-2227 Christine:clap2:
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    Dr Billy Ventura California

    meetup.com group sounds interesting to me.. i would love to join it
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    Experiences with Dr. Helmuth Billy?

    Hi there! I was very pleased with my experience. I believe Dr. Billy is a very gifted surgeon. My recovery was smooth, my scars are healing (disappearing, LOL) beautifully, and I've had no problems since surgery. As far as his bedside manner, I have nothing negative to say, but aside from the consult I had with him, I saw him a total of 2 minutes in the hospital before they wheeled me into the OR, LOL. Ever since then I've seen his nurse Jessica exclusively. (And BTW, she is GREAT with fills... No numbing agent needed, you barely feel anything!) If you're getting banded at St. John's (if you're paying through insurance, this is most likely where you'll be), you're in very good hands at that hospital. The staff was wonderful, very friendly and attentive. If you have any other questions, just let me know! Good luck with authorization! Fingers crossed for ya!

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