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    My hubby and I are going for our seminar tomorrow night at Ellis Hospital and I was wondering if anyone had the choice would you get the Lap Band done again? Looking for the pros and cons. Thanks!
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    My heart aches for you! As a wife of a former U.S. Army Bosnian Conflict Vet I can not imagine what you are going through. You are among friends here.
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    Deep breaths! Never underestimate the power of positive thoughts/prayer ...and put down the food! Just so that you don't do damage to yourself. I would reccomend calling a crisis hotline......crazy I know, but true. I don't have family or lots of friends and during my divorce I was borderline psycho and didn't want to run to food or drugs and talking to someone did help. **hugs** prayers to you and your dear husband.
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    Kate rules


    Will pray for you both. Please take care of yourself so you can be strong for the coming days.
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    I sure hope it's fine...because as soon as my fat ass isn't fat anymore, that's one of the first things I'm going to do!!! Amy
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    Keeping Lap Band a Secret

    I have only told my husband, parents and 1 friend, Im not ashamed I just don't want to hear other people's opinion, I live in a area where no one has a lap band. I'm actually typing this in the airport waiting for my flight, my surgery is on Friday!!!
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    RNY from lap band

    Know a few who have had it; some have maintained their weight, others haven't. Bypass is considered the gold standard because it generally results in the most dramatic/quick weight-loss, however, dramatic and quick loss is rarely ideal. To me, gastric bypass is way too invasive and I'd rather have all of me in tact. The fact that you have to worry about dumping and have to live off vitamins for the rest of your life is a turn off for me. I don't want to be taking pills everyday for the rest of my life due to the fact that my system has been altered in such a way that I can't absorb certain vitamins. Even though results are usually promising with bypass, all surgeries require a lifestyle change. Knowing how to eat and the importance of moving (note, I didn't say exercise) is critical for anyone losing weight, with or without surgery. Plenty revise to bypass, but I've also seen bypass patients revise to Lapband; it's a catch-22. If you're willing to make the needed change, any surgery will work, so will non-surgical methods.
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    I can tell you, having lost 15lb from my already thin (BMI 22 or so frame) it made a HUGE difference. I have loose skin now that I didnt have 15lb ago. I got bonier and flabbier and looked no better being thinner. I can see now that any further improvement to my body would have to come from plastic surgery. Do you really NEED to lose the 18lb (ie are you already a healthy BMI)? I can tell you, I have a flat (if flabby) tummy, but I sure wish I could put some fat on my chest, neck and face, sadly if I try it will just go straight on my bum! If you really need to lose the 18, then wait. Why would you go through PS, all that expense and healing, if you werent going to be sure you'd get the very best result possible?
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    Does the lap band really work????

    200 lbs gone in 2 years. No, the band doesn't work. I work the band.
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    I'M READY TO SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i was banded in 2008, its been a nightmare!! landed in the hospital twice, the doctor choi didnt care, he left me there to suffer! he is the one who over filled me, nothing but a quack, now they want more money to remove the dumb thing!! nightmare from hell!!never go to strax in south florida, iim now 35k in debt for hospital bills, im tryin to find a lawer,i would not wish this on anybody! i also lost my job becouse of it, food gets stuck all the time!! i need it removed!!! HELP ME.