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    Hey Guys

    Welcome! Feel free to invite other members. I think this will be a great place to discuss issue that we as women of color may face during this process. Thanks for joining
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  3. samantha209

    Lighter Period?

    So I am almost 9 months out and my period finally seems lighter I have ALWAYS had heavy periods. And immediately post op they seemed even heavier which my doc attributed to hormones. But this month seems i dare say "normal". lol It's probably heavy by most people's standard but it seems normal to me. Let's see that happens next month!
  4. mine just started thinning out at about 8 months in. I thought I had escaped it. It's not horrible but it's noticeable to me.
  5. hope everyone has a blessed new years! also hope everyone is that much closer to their goals, weight loss and otherwise i am starting the 5 day pouch test to hopefully get back on track and jump start my weight loss again. so i am drinking a Protein shake as we speak for the first time in about 8months lol have a great day all and a great 2012
  6. samantha209

    Happy New Year All!

    Thank you! Same to you. These two days of liquids was hard, but I did it. It was like right after surgery all over again lol
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    party time

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  9. So i have a cold...about 3am this morning i took some cough medicine and OMG it felt like it was burning a hole in my stomach i was almost in tears. And then it passed. Lemme preface this by saying i had been belching a lot last night...IDK if that contributed to it. But has anyone had similar issues with cold/cough syrup
  10. samantha209

    Cough Medicine & PAINNNNN

    Is cough medicine one of the taboo items? I am aware of no ibubprofen, NSAIDS etc but that cough medicine scared me...no more for me
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    From the album: samantha209

  12. samantha209

    Do you still get hungry?

    I dont not get physically hungry. If I keep myself busy i will not feel the need to eat, but i definitely have the urge to eat and snack...and i get head hunger and cravings.
  13. samantha209

    TMI- VERY heavy period... normal?

    i am having a similar issue. My period has always been heavy but i notice that since surgery there is a day or two that is abnormally heavy. I spoke with my doc about it and he said that it's mostly hormonal and the body regulating itself. I assumed that my period would get lighter but initially I guess it will be heavier at first
  14. gotta look into planking!
  15. samantha209

    Peanutbutter balls

    gotta try this!
  16. Just to recap, I am almost 6 mos out. I hit my 100 lb mark about 5 weeks ago and it's been downhill from there. I am being dramatic but I have totally been pushing it, and I have been eating any and everything...in smaller portions of course, and gaining and losing the same four lbs...i am getting scared. I look and feel great, but i have at least 50 more lbs I wanna lose, and i dont wanna do surgery and weigh 245 lbs I am especially scared to fail. So I am seeing a psychologist...i guess I need to tackle the underlying issues and i want to before i totally spiral outta control. I guess knowing is half the battle. Wish me luck
  17. samantha209

    I have my psych appt Friday

    Thanks so much! this is definitely a daily struggle. If it was gonna be easy i never would've gotten to the point where i needed surgery
  18. i use the generic store brand which is Omeprazole
  19. i am here now...except I am 5 mos out...I hit my 100 LB goal and have been within the same 3 lbs since then. i can do well all day but evenings after work are a nightmare...i am totally craving carbs/sweets HELPPPPPPPP
  20. samantha209

    What is wrong with me??

    i am in the same situation now...i hit my 100lb mark last week and since then i have totally been pushing the limits and have gained 2 lbs...again its NOTHING like before but definitely way more than the beginning. tomorrow is my 5 month mark. I keep saying Monday its back to basics...i am also PMSing so that is contributing to my cravings...but generally once i see a gain it refocuses me.
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    So the other day i was fresh out the shower and getting ready and I looked in the mirror and realized that I could see my lady parts my stomach wasnt completely covering it omg...what joy...still a ways to go but it felt great! dont mind me
  22. Yesterday I weighed myself as I do every morning, and I was officially 100.6 lbs down from my highest weight! I lost 44 lbs pre-op and about 56 lbs post op. I am so happy! I am getting closer to my goal I attached a recent pic as well as my before and during if u havent seen it