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    HOORAY!!!!!! Mamma, you are so lucky. I had a nutritionist tell me once that many of her overweight clients who have fertility issues become "extremely fertile" immediately after loosing weight. looks like you lost 25 lbs already. Maybe that helped you get preggers. Anyways, try to enjoy your pregnancy!!! It can be pretty rough, the first three months, but usually the second trimester gets easier for people. Hugs!
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    I'm really sorry you're having such an issue with your band. I won't apologize for calling the band a tool, because that's what it is. It isn't going to work magic, or instantly fix anything. But you already know that. My band is working just exactly like I'd expect any TOOL to work. But like any tool, it needs to be worked properly to do its job. If you're having these outrageous side effects, you need to talk to somebody about adjustments to get it in line. That's why it's called an adjustable gastric band - so it can be tuned up. It will only work as well as it's set up to work. So even though I won't criticize, I do have to say, after four years of suffering as you have, I'd sure as hell be making a lot of noise to my doctor about it. Or I'd find myself another doctor. There is no reason to suffer with having a band, if it's properly adjusted. Good luck! Dave
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    You're band is pretty full, you get reflux when drinking water and you are not losing weight? Sounds like the red zone to me! You are too tight!!
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    Does the lap band really work????

    200 lbs gone in 2 years. No, the band doesn't work. I work the band.
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    Fastest Lap Band Weight Loss?

    I dont know if mine counts or not, but I am down 126lbs in 16 months, plus I had a baby 4 months ago. You cant really count those 9 months, can you? And yep I got preg 4 months after being banded. So in 7 months I lost 126lbs, plus 30lbs of baby weight.
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    Beginning as a low BMI bandster

    Even though this is a few months old I would like to say, I got banded for vanity reasons only. I was perfectly healthy but obese. I was tired of being fat. Why should the band be reserved for "health reasons only"? Why should you wait until you are sick or morbidly obese before you seek intervention? And finding a surgeon who will do low BMI is not difficult.
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    Wow, you are sure a bitter person....your aura tells me you probably never worked the band and lie to yourself about your food intake....I can't very well wish you luck, but I do wish you peace. Mimi
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    Yes and no, but leaning more towards no. While I've lost 100lbs+ flawlessly and for right now my band is "okay," the revision and failure rates of Lapband continue to soar and some of the stories I've come across have been scary, to say the least. It seems that after a few years out the band starts causing all sorts of problems and while I went with Lapband due to the fact that it's irreversible, some of the damage it causes isn't so..reversible. However, I wholeheartedly believe that the less you mess with the band (fills/unfills) the less chance you have of experiencing any negative consequences. I have no fill so I guess time will tell. In the end I do credit the band for somehow kicking me in the a$ and making me learn how to eat and live like a normal person does. I don't eat extremely small portions nor have I cut any type of food from my diet. Somehow the band made me want to learn about nutrition and weight-loss, and if I knew from the getgo that it truly is as simple as calories in vs. calories out, I'd have never sought surgery. Either way, hopefully the seminar is informational for you and your husband! The band is a good surgery but in my opinion not the most ideal one, either. Good luck whatever decision you make.