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  1. EEEK! I just found the video I did for Dr Almanza when I went down there last summer with a friend who had her sleeve done. I was sooooo nervous lol and I look kinda geeky. Thought some of you might like to see it - it helps to see a real person with real results. Sorry I was such a nerd!! haha
  2. Shannon I went alone, you will do fine. Take your laptop if you want to, they have wireless internet at the clinic and also at the recovery house. The day of your surgery can get kind of long if you are by yourself because if you aren't first (I wasn't) there is alot of waiting. Also take along a little travel alarm clock. They didn't have clocks in the rooms at the clinics and it drove me crazy not knowing what time it was! If you are going to go alone, you won't have anyone to make you get up and walk so you have to make yourself do it!! Right after surgery I made myself get up and walk up and down the hall three times EVERY time I woke up. Then at the recovery house there is a big hill/driveway. Go outside, walk up that hill and touch the wall at the end at least several times a day. Walking will help get rid of the gas that they use to inflate your abdomen during the procedure and that will help your discomfort a great deal. The gas in your abdomen will travel up and settle between your shoulder blades when you are up and around. It can be a little uncomfortable, but just know that it will get better. Alot of people like to take those Gas-X strips, but I really don't think that they help because the gas is not in your stomach, it is in your abdomen. They won't hurt you to try them though! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. There are no stupid questions, I remember how scared I was before I went. You will do great!!! Kathy
  3. Shannon - Are you going alone or is someone going with you? Your date will be here before you know it!
  4. I was sleeved in July 2010 by Dr. Almanza. I did well and had no complications at all. I have met my goal weight and don't have any problems with foods or keeping the weight off. I have also sent two friends down there for the same. I went with one of them and the other went with her husband. They both did well also and are pleased with their choice to go there. As an earlier person posted - it is Mexico, not America and you will not be as pampered there as in the States (I can say that lol, I have been a nurse for many years). It isn't bad and it isn't wrong, it is just different. I went into it with the mindset that I was going to do whatever it took to get through it and get on with my life and that is exactly what I did. There are risks with every surgery no matter where you have it done. One of the girls who was there when I was did have a leak and some complications for a few months afterwards, but she is STILL pleased with having the surgery and has actually sent another friend down there for their surgery. I don't believe she would have done that if she had felt like she had sub-standard care. This is a scary, lifechanging part of your life. Ask questions, try to be as prepared as possible and do what you feel the most comfortable with. Where ever you go, you won't regret having this done! I truly believe it saved my life and I am so happy that I did it. I walked into the OR at 307 and today weigh 148. This past summer I went whitewater rafting, hot air ballooning and on a zipline adventure on a mountain. I couldn't have even dreamed of doing those things before. Good luck to everyone!!
  5. Just remember that every number you see going down on that scale you will never see again!!! It's a wonderful feeling!
  6. Tiff- You are doing awesome! I have thought about you often and wondered how the pregnancy was going. I am so excited to see pics of little Sprout when he/she is born! You were a tremendous source of support to me when I was new and I will always be greatful for that!! And by the way you are sooo damn cute pregnant! Kathy
  7. Funny - I love looking at my collar bones. I am a side sleeper and my knees are too bony now and sometimes hurt when I am lying on my side. Would have NEVER thought that would happen haha
  8. KathyM

    Pre-op Tattoos?

    I have two - both on my back. A fairly big one between my shoulder blades and the proverbial tramp stamp. I have lost well over a hundred pounds and they are both unchanged. This tramp is still stamped
  9. I have two - both on my back. One is a fairly big one between my shoulder blades that the other is the proverbial tramp stamp. Both are unchanged. This tramp is still stamped.
  10. KathyM


    Yaaaay!!! Congrats!! It just gets better from here baby! I can remember onderland well, I never would have made it there without my sleeve. Keep up the good work! Kathy
  11. KathyM

    How long did you wait to drive?

    I drove an hour home from the airport 4 days after surgery, then went everywhere like usual after that without any problems. I didnt have to take any pain meds from the second post-op day on, so you will want to consider if you are medicated before getting behind the wheel.
  12. Try not to get hung up on the amount of weight loss in the first week. Everyone is different and many people will find that they actually gain a pound or two or don't lose at all for the first week. They give you alot of fluids during surgery and depending on how long your body hangs on to them, it might take a week or two to get the loss started.
  13. How fun that they didn't remember the old you! I do feel like sometimes I wish my weightloss/change were not the focus for other people so much. I have pretty much plateued for the last 2 months, yet almost every day at work someone will say to me "you just keep getting skinnier and skinnier!" even though I am not changing. I'm kind of tired of it.
  14. I have the sleeve and would still chose it over the plication. There are risks with any surgery, but personally I still feel like the sleeve is the best option. If you have made your decision, stop reading!! It will just create doubts in your mind
  15. Preop diets are all over the place depending on the surgeon. I have seen them anywhere from a month before to no preop diet at all except nothing to eat or drink before midnight the night before surgery. Try your best to stick to the guidelines that your surgeon has outlined for you and if you just can't do it and have to cheat a little, make sure it is with a little Protein and not so much fat or carbs. The goal of the preop diet isn't to see how much weight you can lose, that will all happen after surgery . Just try your best and keep your eye on the prize - it is hard, but you can do it!!
  16. Completely normal - it will get better. Congrats!!!!
  17. KathyM

    FLYING after surgery

    I flew from San Diego to Kansas on the 4th day after surgery. I did just fine. Dont try to carry your bags, pay the extra money and check them. Also, just tell the little "golf cart" drivers that you just had surgery and you need a ride to your gate or to baggage claim. They will be happy to do that - dont forget to tip! I think you will be surprised, traveling wasnt that hard. Good luck!
  18. KathyM

    Are you Sure you don't want??

    I just encountered this the other day when I was eating at On The Border. I ordered these little taco melts (the tiny chicken tacos) and the waiter was asking me if I wanted black Beans or refried beans, I said no beans please and then he said "oh do you just want double rice then?" lol I told him no rice either, just the tacos please. He started to look freaked out so I told him he could have my rice and beans for lunch and maybe he could talk one of my friends out of part of her food so he could have a complete meal. I think I finally distracted him enough he let it go. It's kind of awful when you think about it - the food industry really pushes food on people. Really kind of sad. I had no willpower before and would have gladly eaten whatever was plopped down in front of me. I am so thankful for my sleeve!
  19. Hairloss seems to be pretty common in most sleevers. I started losing it about 4-5 months out and it lasted for about 2 months then grew back. I had alot of thick hair to begin with, so while it was pretty alarming to see so much of it in my hairbrush and the shower drain, it wasn't too bad. Some people I know have had it alot worse, so I felt pretty lucky. That being said, I felt like it was still worth it in the long run. Do I have thinner hair? Yes. Do I have saggy skin? Yep. Batwings? Got em. I wasn't wearing a bikini before I had this done and I am not disappointed that I am not wearing one now. This doesn't make you younger, it makes you healthier. I wouldn't trade my sleeve for anything.
  20. KathyM

    NSV via pic

    You look fantastic!! Look at the skinny little butt!!!!
  21. Brian I remember talking to you when you first started this journey - we started about the same time. I am so happy for you! You have made great strides in healing not only your body, but your spirit as well. I wish you mountains of happiness and a lifetime of blessings! Kathy
  22. KathyM

    I want a scrambled egg!

    I was eating scrambled eggs by the 5th week. In fact, I still eat one almost every day. They are a good source of protein and I have always found them easy to digest. One scrambled egg with a little salsa on it is my usual for breakfast. I bought a tiny skillet and sometimes I will saute a few chopped up mushrooms and green peppers and make a one egg omelot too!
  23. Holy frijoles!!! You look awesome girl! I would say you are sportin an attitude in that bikini, but I think I see a hint of it in your before pic lol! Great job!!
  24. KathyM

    Goodbye LB

    Woohoo!! Isn't it a great feeling????? At first shopping was such a pain in the butt. I was so used to not even looking in stores because there was so little that would fit me. I pretty much just shopped at Lane Bryant. Then when I could shop in ANY store I was so overwhelmed! I kept expecting someone to come up to me and tell me that there was nothing in there that would fit me and I should probably go to another store lol (My Pretty Woman moment) - it never happened. Now I have to be careful or I will have to get a second job to pay for all my new clothes!!!
  25. KathyM


    Fruits are fine, I think that most people don't mention them because when they are eating, they try to eat protein first and then fruits, carbs etc after that. Most of us will be full before that so we don't actually make it to the fruits or desserts lol. I do love strawberries and bananas though. I have seen this summer that Walmart sells these little tiny bananas and they are awesome, just the right size.

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