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    Feeling Inadequate

    Having strange feelings that I should have been able to lose the weight without getting surgery. Still wondering if I should go thru with it. Forsaking alot of foods I like to eat. Gulping down sweet tea. Having feelings of Loss. Then wondering just what choices of food I will now be limited to. Wondering if my weight loss will go quickly with the 77 lbs I would like to lose. Thinking that if I dont do this, I will continue to gain and not stick to a diet even if I convince myself that I will. Thinking that if I do have surgery will I fail at my food choices and not lose weight either. Knowing in my heart that food shouldnt be so important, yet for some reason when it is taken away, or the threat of that, I want to run back to the comfort zone of knowing its always there for me. How scary is this ? Whats the worst that could happen.? I really shouldnt ask that question as there are numerous answers of which some are quite undesirable. Am wondering as well how my husband will take the change of food plan when his life seems to revolve around "whats for dinner" . He is already suffering with frozen food meals, while I am pre- surgery dieting and he is not happy. I saw a co-worker who is dieting and lost weight with pills..grab a piece of pizza yesterday and thought how much I would have liked to get one too. Felt alittle left out. Lonely. Not sure how else to say that. I assume when I get past the liquid and move on to what is a NEW future of food I will be more grateful, instead of jealous. Worried about any restrictions the band might pose to the lifestyle I lead. Living on a farm with lots of chores and toting and mowing., just keeping up with the outside of house and barely getting the inside cleaned up anymore. Maybe I am just tired. Tired of being fat. Just had to say what I was thinking in my jumbled head.
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    That stuff that Spivak used was called Omnipac and I've over the years seen many of his patients discuss it. Now, the harsh bit. I think you need to pull on your big girl boots and get real about this. First and foremost if you can find another doc, then do so. But if you have to stick with this guy, I would personally look at it this way :No relationship with the doc? So what? You dont need to piss in his pocket, you have the resources to do this, you need a service from him - that being a fill, or as many as it takes. Who cares if you cant stand him? If he's what's available, then put your feelings aside and use him. Secondly $150 a visit? Does this deter you because its expensive (and thus tiresome) or because you genuinely cannot afford it? If you truly cant afford it, then my heart goes out to you but I really wouldnt know what you can do about that. Its really rough that your doc retired, and it really does suck, but this is what's available and you can either pay for it or you cant. If you cant, end of story, if you can but just find it annoying, well, thats a choice you're making isnt it? If it were me, I'd perhaps be going back, saying I cant afford to visit every week for these tiny fills and trying to maybe compromise on a slightly larger one, whilst still being cautious that to be unfilled will cost you money too. You havent failed, honestly, we all need these bands filled for them to work, aftercare is vitally important. Support and compassion from our medical practitioners is invaluable, but at the end of the day, you're a pro at this, you know what to do and all you need from this guy is a medical service, not a soul mate. You also dont need to beat yourself up for not being happy with what you'd achieved,50lb is wonderful, its not small achievement, but I'm a chronic high achiever too and I personally would have been pissed off majorly to only get halfway to my goal, but I dont thnk it helps to look at what you secretely feel is a half arsed result and say perhaps I should have just settled - you're worth more than that and you got that far, you CAN go the whole way. But you need to suck up the rough situation and make it work for you. Getting back on track is always hard and its always about blunt truths like this. They're not that great to face, but if you want the outcome, you'll put yourself through the pain. If you can possibly find a more compassionate and cheaper doctor, then obviously that's what you'd do, but if not, then I'd just be hard nosed about it, take what I need from the situation and seek moral support elsewhere.
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    Cindy C

    Lap Band not installed!

    I would not go back to him. I would find a new doctor. I just checked out your doctor and found that he has 15 patients registered here. 8 are pre op. Of the 7 that are post op only 1 has had success plus he has only been doing bariatric surgery for about 2 years.
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    Hi Brandon! Hope this helps, I've been banded for two years and will answer your questions from what I have experienced. A meal consists of small portions. The perfect size meal for me is the amount of food that is in a lean cusine that consits of only 2 items, not the ones that have three items. So, this is the smaller packaged ones that usually come with a meat and a vegtable. Thats to give you and idea of size. As far as chili, hot wings, etc, I can eat a small bowl of chili, maybe a cup, hot wings 2 or 3. How much I can eat depends on what it is and how my band is feeling at the time. If I havent eaten in a long time the band seems tighter and after a few bites of whatever I'm stuffed! You can gain the weight back by eating the wrong things and the band doesnt do all the work for you. Exercise is still very important. Stop moving and keep eating the wrongs things and the weight will slowly creep back on. My band wasnt filled with anything at the time of surgery. I had no appeitie for the 1st week while my body was healing. After that, there is a time called "bandster hell". This is before your 1st fill, you have little to know restriction, the hunger is back you basically eat whatever. This time is a testament to your will power. To answer your question, no your band is not tight when you first get it. A fill is adding liquid to your band, this is when restriction comes into play. It is done by putting a needle into the port and injecting it with saline Water. Some are done under x-ray, mine is but many are just done in the office. You cant just go to your dr and say, I want to pig out this weekend, take out all the Fluid and I'll be back next week for you to tighten it up. Liquid is usually only taken out when you are extremely too tight, if you cant keep any liquids down inculding your own spit let alone any solid food. I've had two unfills! From my experience I don't know anyone who has reached goal and had all fluid removed. I wouldn't, it would be too easy to gain the weight back. juice is fine, don't worry about not being able to drink it. I had a problem with carbonation before just recently, I can handle carbonation better. This is something that will depend on your body, its a 50/50 toss up. So, I didn't enjoy a soda for almost two years. Don't worry about alcholol, you'll be just fine. I like to party and club sometimes also I don't remember puking after surgery just because. Do I puke a lot now? Yes. Sometimes you think a food is going to go down easy but it doesnt, for some reason it gets stuck. It might be something you have eaten a million times but this time the band doesnt like it. I don't like that uncomfortable, stuck, stuffed, I cant breathe feeling and prefer to just throw it up. Sometimes, it just takes getting up and walking a little to get food to move down. Its a lot to learn and your experience will not be exactly like mine. Hopefully, this will help! Good luck on your journey.
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    Wow, I see that you are having the same problem and feelings that I do (This is what I too loved about this site---we understand one another). I am sorry you are going through this but your story is so very similar to mine. I've been away from board too and feel like such a "failure and embarrassment" for gaining weight back and just not able to get to that "sweet spot" even when I was getting fills. I will pray for your strength and want to encourage you and please do the same for me. You are definitely not alone.
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    I was banded on June 10, 2008. I have lost 145 pounds! Size 28 to 12!
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    Questions about the lap band surgery

    Brandon, I was one of the lucky ones. After surgery I had absolutely no gas pain and just a bit of soreness where the biggest incision was on my stomach. I never took any pain medication after surgery except 1 dose of liquid vicoden right before I left the hospital. I started at 415 pounds. On May 9th I started my pre-surgery liquid diet, I had surgery on May 23 and as of Monday 7-25-2011 I have lost 51 pounds. I do not have any fill in my band so I can pretty much eat anything I want as long as I chew really well. I do have to be careful with bread. I stick to a strict diet. I eat about 1200 calories a day, focusing mostly on Protein and trying to eat low carb. I drink 10-12 glasses of Water a day. The great thing is that they want you to eat a lot of protein, so eating steak is not out of the question. You just need to chew carefully. Like you I have a very difficult time exercising. I cannot walk any significant distance. I have started slowly riding a recumbent stationary bike. (People all weights and sizes can do that) I also swim. I have a small circular 12 foot above ground pool that is 3.5 feel deep. It was $99 bucks at Walmart and came with a pump and filter. I hang on the side and kick my legs, 500 sets on my back, 500 sets on my stomach. I swim "laps" using only my arms. Granted they are really very small laps, but I'll do 10 one way, switch direction and do 10 the other and go back and forth. Good luck with your research. I will tell you...everyone is different. Dont let any 1 experience color your opinion. I hope you find the information you are looking for so you can make an informed decision.
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    I'll be honest

    What the? Your posts are exactly what cause band problems in the future. Wow. You don't need to be extremely tight or tight at all for the band to work. Being overtight for too long leads to slippage and erosion. Once your band is gone, then what?
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    Weighing Yourself

    I weigh myself daily. I know that goes against what the experts say to do.... but My mantra is.... Not weighing myself daily obviously didnt do much for me..... so far, weighing myself daily for the past 7 months has been a life changer!
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    I do about 1200 a day...I try to get about 80 grams or more of protein a day. I try to stay under 100 grams of carbs but its not always possible, especially if I eat fruit.

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