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  1. SeattleSue

    Shapewear (Tmi?)

    I've lost just over 100 and so, I'm maybe just over half way... Shapewear is exercise just getting into it :blush5: Just sayin' I want to encourage you to exercise now...walking is going to pay HUGE dividends; more than you can imagine. Lift 2# weights...it ALL pays off. In November, things sort of stalled for me, but during the 3 month stall (gulp) I continued exercise (minimum of 30 mins x 6 days) plus lifting weights (average 50# x 10-15 reps, 2 set...3x week). I had MORE compliments on "weight loss" in that 3 month period than ANY OTHER period since VSG. I not only lost inches, but things really "firmed up" including skin. I have to admit that the daily (and I'm talking 10 times a day!) "You look great" compliments, really kept me going when the scale wasn't moving... As for shapewear, I don't wear it all the time, but I have reached that tipping point where it is gonna have to become fairly routine AND at size 2x now, it's not a flippin sweat-fest to get it on!!! P.S., I have picked up KILLER deals on shapewear at TGI Friday's in the 3x range...like $11 - $20 finds!
  2. SeattleSue

    Bye Bye Plus Size Stores!

    Wow, what an amazing journey! That's a fantastic NSV
  3. SeattleSue

    Halfway To Goal!

    Well said!!! You have summed up what I could take PAGES to say! I'm just over halfway myself and yes, I'm working at it (choices, choices, choices...) but the insurmountable mountain has been reduced to a scalable hill!! Congrats and Happy, successful, New Year to you!
  4. Congrats Julie, on every front! You are paying it forward as an inspiration to many!!! Happy New Year,
  5. SeattleSue

    It's Official!

    Congratulations Sara (& Mike)!!
  6. SeattleSue

    My Journey In Wls

    Welcome to the forum. Congrats on your surgery...take care of yourself and enjoy the journey! Happy New Year,
  7. SeattleSue

    First Weigh In Of 2012

    WOOT Good job!! All the best to you!
  8. SeattleSue

    Clothes Closet Nsv!

    Oh Happy Day!!! Congrats...Enjoy all the new looks! (both the ones you put together AND the ones you are sure to be gettin') lol You've done great. Happy New Year to you!!
  9. SeattleSue

    4 Month Update! 97 Lbs Down!

    hahaha "Results not typical" YOU LOOK GREAT. Well done!!
  10. SeattleSue

    Almost A Year Out

    You have done so well and you look amazing! Congratulations.
  11. SeattleSue

    The Cons Of Gastric Sleeve Life! :-(

    Well, in the large scheme of things, this is just a blip in the road--but I'm 25 weeks out and losing hair (probably 25% thinner) and it's a bit disconcerting. Other people's experience tells me it will stop eventually AND re-grow. None-the-less, it is the only thing that has had me even remotely question whether or not my sleeve "is worth it?". Emphatically, yes....but honestly, it has been alarming with the amount/frequency of the hair loss. As for the rest: LOVE feeling like sweaters, jackets, scarves and coats are added "accessory opportunities" now for me! lol Jackets/Cardigans have actually become a staple in my mid-journey wardrobe. They range from casual to sporty, to elegant and "stretch" my few jeans/pants allotment nicely as far as outfits go. LOVE that my shoe size has decreased by about 1/2 size...and I actually enjoy wearing a heel again. Love that I can make a right turn in my car and my door alarm no longer sounds. So my hair is a little thinner...but so am I and the benefits DEFINATELY outweight the cons.
  12. SeattleSue

    No Longer Obese

    Awesome! Merry Christmas to you!!!!
  13. Yes. Absolutely. My only regret is not doing it earlier...but that's water under the bridge. I love that I can appreciate my second chance knowing what I'd almost lost, making life all the more sweeter.
  14. That's fantastic! Good for you!!
  15. wow. Seriously. Why am I so emotional??? lol Good for you lady!
  16. Thank you for sharing...this is truly inspiring. You look wonderful!
  17. SeattleSue

    Protein Shakes

    Isoflex from Super Supplements; 1 gram of carbs. Seriously WAY better and less sweet than any other shake I've tried. I like the choc/peanut butter flavor. Not too strong, creamy...blends well and no gag reflex
  18. SeattleSue

    Foods that make you FULL

    More than just things that make me satisfied, I've found frontloading my protein in the morning helps the most. egg/meat and a protein shake rock for me.
  19. WOW wow wow! Almost there, but look (LOOK) how far you've come!! Thanks for the low-down on your journey and routines; you are an inspiration!!!! CONGRATULATIONS WOOT WOOT
  20. You look GREAT! Simply amazing...and at this stage in my journey, I totally concurr with the "...so simple, but not easy..." That is profound indeed!!! Keep it up woman! We are all rooting for you!
  21. Congratulations on every single one of those and the many many little things that you discover every day!!! How awesome for you. Thanks for sharing...you probably remember all the inspirational messages you have feasted on and now, you are one for us!! Again, Congrats! Dance and sing and enjoy it all!!!
  22. It's true...the little things that make the day.
  23. SeattleSue

    Oyster Run 2011

    Last weekend hubby and I had the chance to take a beautiful ride up the coast and through the islands of Washington State to Annacortes for the 2011 Oyster Run rally. We were blessed with spectacular scenery and rain seen only from afar! lol Here are a couple pics; the first is downtown Annacortes and the pic captures just a fraction of the crowd! There were easily, 1000's of bikes and even more people! The second pic is me on the bridge at deception pass. It's a gorgeous ride and if you ever get up to the beautiful NW, I can't recommend it enough!
  24. SeattleSue

    So confused!!!

    I started with walking. Keep it simple. I walk at lunch or after work...sometimes if I have those, "wide awake" at 5:00 a.m. moments, I'll get up and go for a walk. My doctor told me years ago that even if you walk for 10 minutes and get your heartrate up...that's doing some good. He even suggested I do that 2x day, then 3 if that's all I could fit in. Anyway, that was my starting point. Now I use the free aerobic / dance stuff that's offered through my cable provider "on demand"...I strength train 3 days per week...I'm considering a community aqua zumba class... There are opportunites out there. If you can't find any; a school district will often have community enrichment classes offered, so theres a good place to inquire. good luck. I think you'll find that you enjoy a little peace and the feeling of accomplishment you get from walking!
  25. Howdy...where are all the bikers gone? lol I bet you're all out riding!!! My name is Susan and I ride a Vulcan 900. I haven't done any riding this summer, though at 4 weeks post-op I feel like it wouldn't be an issue. Funny how the teenage sons don't think it's cool to ride with mom though...so everywhere we commute together, I have to take a car. WAAAHH Oh well, can't wait to feel "small" on my bike next Spring hahahaha Maybe it will even not feel like a spectacle riding behind hubby on his VN2000. Just checking in here...there have got to be more folks who ride!? See ya! Susan