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    Role of the Lap Band

    I agree with Xavier, I dont count any of those things. I prefer to listen to my body. I eat till I'm satisfied/no longer hungry - not very often until i'm really full - and because of my band, that point comes before I've ingested too many calories. My rules are: 3 meals no Snacks, healthy food most of the time, exercise every day possible. I favour a simple approach. I dont count a thing, for me personally, that's obsessive dieting behaviour that prevents a healthy relationship with food, it makes me think about and obsess over food all day. I eat what I feel like eating at each meal - and when I really think about it, normally that's reasonably healthy food. Even exercise can be simple. I just go out the front door and run, sometimes I chuck a heavy sandbag around and I like body pump classes. I dont worry about all that crap about working individual muscles, supersetting this, pyramiding that, special shake before exercise, Protein shake after, this supplement or that. I really believe eat less (that's where the band helps), move more. Its all you need to worry about. The rest you can do if you enjoy it, but its not strictly necessary.
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    Anyone know of Dr De Bruyne Chris

    Hi everyone! I'm back from Belgium and banded WAHOOO Everything went well, i had the op at 9am on tuesday, i was back up in my room at 12 and was up walking around by 3. The nurses kept telling me to get back in bed The other 2 lady's in my room slept all day so i was a bit bored, glad hubby come to see me for a few hours. Not sure why i wasn't in as much pain as everyone else, i must just be lucky. I even walked to the x-ray, one lady went in a wheel chair and the other 3 went in their beds, they really didn't look to good. I hope they are ok now. I only had one lot of pain killer and that was given to me when i first come around. I got home on thursday and had a bit of pain at the port site but that was only when i get up from being sat or laid down. I had a little bit of left shoulder pain yesterday and stupidly decided to play Just Dance on the wii and after 1 song it was killing so i had a couple of co-codimol and it hasn't come back Every now and then i get a funny feeling in my tummy, its like really bad hunger pains and then all of a sudden it shoots up to my chest and then its gone. It happens a couple of times an hour and only lasts a couple of seconds but I'm guessing its gas or something. I was naughty and had a yogurt yesterday, i didn't realise i wasn't aloud them yet lol I'm not struggling, all liquids are going down fine, no sickness or anything. Does anyone know if we are aloud Dutch crisp bread in the liquid faze, i know they are not liquid but i though maybe we might be as they give us them in the hospital. Ive just made some jelly, i poured it in to silicone cupcake cases, they are a lovely size and feels like in having a little treat. Hubby eating in front of me hasn't even bothered me so far, he keeps offering to go in another room, but its been ok. Had a few cravings tho, thursday it was pizza but i think that was because there is a Pizza Hut in Belgium airport. Then on friday it was apple crumble and this morning it was peanut butter on toast. Just cant wait for the weight to start coming off now, I know i have a long path ahead of me and its going to be a hard one but i just cant wait till i am slim for the first time ever Jo x
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    Cindy C

    Why are YOU Fat?

    Just like everyone else.....Grew up being told "Eat everything on your plate. There are children starving in the world!" (I remember offering to mail it to India.....They weren't amused! LOL!) I got it under control in my late teens/early 20's but then was in a horrible marriage, then a nasty divorce and finally 2 kids to raise with no help from their father. The weight just came and came. But those aren't excuses. There are no excuses! The bottom line is we all got fat because we consumed more calories than we burned. Thank G_d (and Dr. Bhesania) that it's under control again and it's gonna stay there!!!!!!

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