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    Pre Op diet going really well

    So yesterday was first day on pre-op and I thought it was going to be horrible. It went really well!! I woke up today feeling energized and better than I have in a long time. This is just a new beginning! My overeating days are completely behind me now. So excited to be sleeved in 13 days!!
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    Happy Tuesday! I weighed in at 189.4lbs this week. Last week was 191.6lbs. 2.2lbs down! I'll take it! A grand total of 72.6lbs since the beginning and 34.6lbs since surgery. I am at about 40% of my excess weight lost!!!! 10 more lbs until I am no longer considered obese and just overweight. Wow!!! I feel great these days! I am exercising regularly, eating decently and have had some really great things going on in my life! I have been camping allot (even in the snow) with one last trip (filled with sunshine, fingers crossed) planned for this weekend. Then, back to spending weekends at work. BOO HISSSS! I am a little lost for post content this week and with the slowed weight loss lately, I have been reminding myself of all the non-scale victories for a while. They are my motivation and I hope you all can relate and look forward to some of them yourselves! 1. I've mentioned this before but I am still in awe that I can cross my legs comfortably. I do this ALL of the time now. It's just how I sit. 2. I have a lap. A big enough lap that 2 dogs can sit on it. (see below) I can hold a plate on my lap while I eat and I can have my nephews sit on my lap without holding on to them for dear life! 3. I can wear a sleeveless shirt without being sooooooo self-conscious. I am self-conscious, don't get me wrong but before I was so unbelievably self-conscious about my stretch mark speckled, sun-starved arm-a-jello. (AKA - bat flaps, Oprah arms, bingo wings, Hi Helen's, ham hocks, flubbows... you name it!) Now, I can wear a sleeveless tank or workout top and feel okay... more than okay. Almost...comfortable. I will continue to work on this one! 4. Shopping in the "regular" sized racks. 2 pairs of shorts and 2 pairs of capris in 14's!!! I was a Size 20-22 when I started. I still have yet to pick up any real hot trendy stuff. I look, I try on, I love, I come to my freaking senses. I am not a fashionista... I am a Canadian Tom Boy! 5. I can run.. I can walk... I actually like to do these things. I can kick ass on my elliptical, I can climb mountains, I can do anything! My confidence in myself has grown by 3 times!!! Maybe even 5! I didn't know if I could do any of this when I started this journey. I didn't know if I would lose. If I did lose, could I keep it off? Would it always be as hard as it was in the beginning. If I failed, would I just give up? I can do this. I am doing this and I will keep doing this. Things are not EASY now but they are not as hard as they were in the beginning. I hope things continue to go smoothly and that I continue to grow, challenge myself and love myself. Don't be fooled folks, I do have bad days! I just don't share them because I feel like we all have enough of them! I want to share the successes and motivation that have helped me on my way! Baby steps! I also want to take a second in this post to give a shout out to my followers. Family, Framily, Friends and Strangers, THANK YOU for your support! [/url] Cheers!
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    It Moved

    Nope not talking about my bowels lol. Not this time Scale hasnt moved in days it seems. Havent been discouraged just figured the big ride was over and now I really had to work at it. I have been putting that sauna suit on every morning for the last three days along with a lotion that is supposed to make you sweat more and get on treadmill. I naturally dont sweat alot. So it helps. Scale finally moved with a pound loss. So yeah Im happy. Then night time is a killer for me. Always was a snacker. So I walk again for 30 minutes this time at night but outside.