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    The band isn't about restriction, it's about appetite control. http://drsimpson.net/fills/Lap-band-eating/lap-band-not-restriction/lap-band-and-restriction.html My appetite was somewhat dimmed from the day of surgery, but then again, I had Fluid installed during surgery.. THANK YOU Dr. B... which got me off to a head start.
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    pigged out

    It happens. Pick yourself up and move on. You aren't gonna gain 10lbs *true* pounds from pigging out
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    Starting Day 6 liquid preop diet

    As I sit here this morning drinking my protein I thought I would review yesterday (Day 5) as I am surprised I made it through the day with out cheating. Things where going well drank my water had some protein went to work came home for lunch (I don't live far from work and it makes the liquid stage so much easier to come home) Well I had some broth and another protein. I was getting my water bottle ready and I heard my stomach. I think the whole block could here my stomach then oh my god (Sorry tmi coming) I had to run like I never ran before to the rest room. Finally thought I was feeling better and went to let my dog back in then once again the whole block heard my tummy roar. Back to the potty I go. Finally made it back to work but all I could think of was I want crackers. Someone give me crackers. The only person at work that knows what is going on is my boss I have not told anyone else because I've heard how they reacted to others getting the procedure. And if they talk like that to me, well lets just say I don't want to get fired by putting them in there place. I made it through the work day but was glad my office is close to the bathroom. When I got home I couldn't drink my last protein or my broth for dinner. I just didn't want to look at food (even liquid form). Has anyone else had this problem with their liquid diet. There are two factors I can think of. I know to much SF stuff can give you diarrhea. So it could be that. I am going to start alternating my crystal light drinks with a bottle of water hoping that will help. OR I have been trying new (sample) protein drinks. I try my best to find the whey isolate as I am lactose intolerant and all the research I've done says that is the easiest to digest for that reason. Well now I am on to Day 6, Hope today goes better. ~Kris
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    How Many Guys Getting Banded?

    Just think guys...we got all these beautiful women on this site for support! hehe
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    I did not cheat either...it's getting it into your head that you will not. Even three weeks after the band I have still not cheated, because all I would be cheating is my weight loss. ( No chocolate in over amonth I must be crazy!!!) Good luck
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    It is worth it to NOT cheat and it sets a tone for the rest of your journey. NOTHING and I mean nothing feels as good as health or taste as good as knowing you gave it your all. If you give in now, you will give in later and that is not the best for your success, Do this all the way the right way or don't do it all. I am just saying, IT IS WORTH DOING IT RIGHT FROM THE BEGINNING. Don't sabatoge your journey already!! Just don't do it. I beg you to follow the Dr. order to a T and you will have huge success in the days ahead.
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    Here is a pic of Larae and her hubby.
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    Funny Stuff. Some People here acknowledge that pizza is NOT a good choice for someone trying to lose weight. But look at all the people who went ahead and did it anyway. Jeez. And people wonder why the actual success rate of the lap band is so low. S.