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  1. Dr. Kelly was my surgeon
  2. So glad to hear everything is going good !!!!! Thinking of you
  3. If I had it to do over again..... NO, I would not do the surgery over. I am glad for the weightloss, but it was truely a horrible experience. I think my chemo, bi-lateral mastectomy, and reconstruction was less painful. I know everyone is different, but I wouldn't do it again. Yes the effectiveness of the surgery is wonderful and I love my sleeve. If I hadn't had 2 different insurance companies that payed most of my bills, I would have been out about 60K too. I can say.....my journey to thin was very interesting to say the least.
  4. Sure you can put it on your list. I would. I will put it on mine too. I will be thinking of you.
  5. From the date of my surgery to having my picc line removed it was 8 weeks. I was on clear liquids for 2wks after that MeMeMeee
  6. I had a sharp pain in my left side. Also I had a temperature that wouldn't stay away
  7. I was in Mexico and didn't feel right from the start. After 2 days I told the doctors I knew something was wrong and they took me into surgery again to check it out. They said I had an ulcer that they missed while they were doing the sleeve, but I had a scope done before I left the U.S and there was no sign of anything. Butttt..... they said the ulcer caused a hole which they repaired. I felt better and returned to the U.S. I started having fever and pain, so I went to a general doc who diagnosed me as having double pneumonia so I was admitted into the hospital where they done tests and found out that I had a leak. From there everything went downhill. I was in the hospital another 2 weeks and had to do tpm at home for at least 6 wks. I thought I was in hell, but I was thankful everything was caught and fixed befofe anything even worse happened. I was lucky. My doc in the U.S. who I found on my own,( a bariatric surgeon who I begged to take my case ) took me in. He kept me on nothing through the mouth and only tpn until it healed on it's own. I had the mexico surgery video and he said it looked like it created an ulcer while being cauterized during the surgery, thus when I consumed liquids, causing infection. So I did antiboiotics through tpm. I eventually healed and was where I should have been after the initial surgery.
  8. I hope you are doing much better now. I totally understand your pain. I had a leak and double pneumonia so I feel for you. It does get better. My thoughts are with you.
  9. Jen Jen

    Success !!!!

    I have been looking at everyones weight loss and it seems everyone is doing great. I am still at 37lb. loss and feel so much better. The leak was a set back, but I am chugging along with everyone else now. I love hearing everyones stories, so keep them coming. Jen
  10. Jen Jen

    Initial goal met!

    Yay you !!!!!! Congrats !!!
  11. Jen Jen

    April Update from everyone

    Awesome job !!!!!
  12. Jen Jen

    April Update from everyone

    I have lost 37lbs. I weighed 240 the day I took my leak test. I didn't lose much right away because of my leak and having the tpn, but as they tapered me off of it, the weight started coming off.
  13. Thank you !! I am tube and picc free. I am feeling great and losing weight. Such a relief to be normal again. I am glad to see everyone else doing good also. This surgery can be such a blessing. The leak was a set back I don't wish on anyone, but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Jen
  14. My story is not meant to scare or discourage anyone from the VSG. I just want to share my experience with everyone. I am a breast cancer survivor of 2 years now and have been through, bi-lateral mastectomy, reconstruction, and chemo. After my cancer I started taking my HR medications and started to gain weight and became depressed. I had other issues due to the breast cancer but won't go into them. I gained at least 60lbs after starting the medication, which I have to take for 5yrs. I weighed 180 when diagnosed and got up to 240. With alot of fatigue, nausea, and weakness from my meds, I knew I had to do something about my weight before I got worse. A friend of mine had the VSG done and I thought what a perfect solution. I did my research for almost a year and knew I would be a self pay patient. My ins. didn't cover bariatric, plus I didn't have the health issues to appeal. Now that I am not currently working, I needed something I could afford but felt comfortable with. So I searched Mexico and the surgeons there. Like I said I researched for almost a year. I picked out my surgeon and set my date. One of my close friends was more than excited to go with me, so I planned it all out and off we went. I arrived in Mexico and was greeted by my coordinator, who is an absolute lovely person. We were settled into our room and I was immediately sent for testing. As I waited with my friend for my turn at surgery, I was not at all nervous. My time came and when I woke up my friend was there and I was feeling fine. Sore, tired, and groggy, but fine. For the next few days I was extrememly sore and my sides hurt really bad. I was running a temp., had a high heart rate, and I knew something wasn't right. I told the nurses I needed my doctor. The doctor came in late that night and agreed something wasn't right, so he wanted to take me back into the operating room and put the scope back in to see what the problem was. My friend who was extrememly worried about me asked the doctor if I could just be driven over the border to San Diago to have a hospital look at me where my insurance would cover me, but he assured her I would be taken care of and couldn't wait. When I woke up in my room again, my friend was there telling me my surgeon found a ruptured ulcer just below the suture line and had to clean and repair it but I was going to be ok. My surgeon also wanted to keep me for a couple of more days. He assured me I wouldn't have to pay anymore than maybe a $600 fee from another surgeon. First of all I thought.......NO..... there could not have been an ulcer or they would have seen it to begin with, but ok even if they didnt, I had a scope done a month before I left the states for the nausea I have due to my meds. (my oncologist didn't think it was due to meds but gallbaldder). I had no signs of ulcers. No signs of anything. But my surgeon didn't know I had this test already done. Besides the tests, I just felt wrongness about it. I just felt that ulcer was not the issue. Wanting to get better and go home, I didn't say much. My best friend had begged my surgeon to let me go home as scheduled with her, but he felt I needed more time in the hospital. She knew I didn't have the extra money, but the doc insisted I wouldn't have to pay more than the $600. So my friend had to leave me there since she had to return to work. I was fine with being alone but when my surgeon said I looked well enough to leave, the hospital addmisnistration was trying to get me to pay 2300.00 before I could leave. I tried explaining I didn't have but 700.00 in my bank account and I had to already pay extra fees to change my flight around. The man in the office became very rude and demanding. When it was finally time to leave, I was taken to do the leak test with the rest of the patients who were there at the hospital with me. My test came out good, and I was rushed to the airport. I made it home safe but very weak and sick. I slept for one whole day. I continued to run low grade temps the rest of the week and didn't feel quite right. Still very sore on my sides. Sharp pains. So I went to my primary doctor where she took xrays and had a ct scan done. Behold......... double pneumonia. She said for me to check into ER. Which I did. The next day a surgeon came around to my room and told me my CT scan showed a leak and it needed to be repaired asap. WHAT !!!!!!!!!!!!! NO !!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and while we are in there why don't we take out that gallbladder. Gotta lot of stones in there. Needless to say I was freaking out. This surgeon was more than ammused that I went to Mexico for this surgery and now I was all messed up looking at him for help. I was not at all going to let this man go diggin inside of me for a leak, much less take out my gallbladder when I had enough to worry about. So I looked up a Bariatric surgeon in my area and gave the Bariatric Clinic a call. Out of 4 surgeons, only one called me back. But.... he listened. He offered to take me in and see what he could do. So I transferred hospitals. He looked at my scans and my videos from my surgeries in mexico and concluded that my Mexico surgeon tried to repair a leak or some sort of tear. He didn't want to say anything bad about my surgeon in Mexico, but I knew he didn't believe there was an ulcer either. All he said was "don't worry, we will get this fixed and you will be fine". He opted on no surgery and putting a tube in my belly to drain any bacteria, plus started me on IV with nothing by mouth. I spent a week in the hospital on heavy antibiotics and fluids then I was sent home on TPN where I am today. Hoping the leak will heal on it's own and I will be back to normal soon. I loved my surgeon in Mexico and his coordinator. They are precious people and I do not blame anyone. This is just a chance I took. I do understand the doctor wanting to keep his record clean, but I also believe no one is perfect. My surgeon in Mexico and the coordiantor kept in close touch with me and tried to give the surgeon here as much info as possible. I just feel I was one of the few percent who end up with a leak. Lucky me. Anyhow, I wanted to share this with everyone and let you know, we have to follow our gutt, or at least what is left of it. If you don't feel right, get it checked out and don't worry about it being nothing. Glad I listened to myself and hollered when I needed to. Regrets.....Hmmmmm So far it's been a rough ride, but I am hoping I will be saying it was all worth it. Thanks Tiff for giving me the courage to share this story.
  15. Jen Jen


    I had a leak and went through similar experience. I had a drain tube and they tested the Fluid which came back with bacteria. I had the picc line put in for antibiotics and nutrition. It will get better I promise. Praying for you both. Jen
  16. Jen Jen

    Major Complications

    I rinsed my mouth with Water alot, but wasn't allowed to swallow. We have our silava that we swallow, but my doctor said absolutely nothing by mouth. I went 4 weeks without anything. It was extremely hard to do, but I always had water to spit since my lips were so dry. I do hope she recovers quickly. Sounds like she is doing much better. Good luck and keep us posted.
  17. Jen Jen

    Major Complications

    I too went through a leak. Just got my picc line removed and tube. I am doing much better. I spent alot of time in the hospital and regretted my surgery also. I cried most of the time. Now I am where I should have been after my surgery. It was tough and I still regret that I did it, but mostly wish I wouldn't have had the leak. The sleeve part is what I wanted. I promise it will get better as many others told me. Finding others that have went through what your fiancee' is going through will help. I was sent home with TPN and hated that more than the hospital. It is such a scary experience. I was terrified of losing my life and leaving my little girl without a Mom. I was lucky and had a wonderful husband to be by my side. Just as you are by her side. That is awesome. God and support from others is exactly what we need. God bless you and your fiancee'. Praying for a full recovery. Jen
  18. Jen Jen

    April Update from everyone

    I am feeling great. Since I had a leak after my surgery, which was April 8th, I am just now where I should have been after surgery. I no longer have my picc line and tube. I did clear liquids for 2 wks and now I am on stage 2 with the protein shakes and such. I had a slight set back but now I am on my way to some weightloss and a new life. I am so excited !!!
  19. Bless your heart. I thought my leak was bad. It seems you have been through one tough time. So glad you are doing some better. I just got my drain taken out today. My journey hasn't been as rough or long as yours, but tough all the same. It is a scary thing and makes you think twice, but it does get better. I am praying for you and your family.
  20. I had my upper gi and ct scans again today. They looked great. My doctor took my drain tube out finally and what a relief. Next week I get my picc line taken out and no more tpn. So my leak looks healed and I am doing good. Still on clear liquids, but I am happy with that. Now I can start enjoying my sleeve and losing weight. Thanks everyone for all of your support.
  21. Thank you for the support and so far my ins. is paying. I am thankful for that. I get my tube out Tuesday so I am excited. Next Tuesday will be the picc line. I am almost on my way to being where I need to be. Sounds like you have all of your ducks in a row and you have a good surgeon. Keep us posted on your progress and good luck. Jen
  22. Very glad. Finally some clear liquids again. Water YES !!!!!
  23. Had my ugi and ct scans today. No more leak. Yay !!!!! I get to do clear liquids again. My TPN is cut in half and next week I get my tube out. The week after next I get my picc line out. Whew !! Almost there. I am so relieved. Still have nausea and my tummy feels like crap, but I am almost home free.
  24. That is so sweet and thank you for thinking of me. I appriciate that alot.
  25. Thank you for your support. Yes, the closure has meant alot to me. And being able to tell my story on this forum was important to me. We all use this forum to help make our decisions, for comfort, and comparison.

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