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    New Formatting Complaint

    GREAT Idea! I was wondering why I only had the option for positive feedback. Didn't have anything negative to say but didn't know why the option wasn't there. But now that you explain it I think that has got to be probably one of the best ideas I've ever heard of.
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    Alex Brecher

    New Formatting Complaint

    Clearing Cache on Firefox Click Tools and select Options. Click the Advanced icon and click the Network tab. Click Clear Now under the Cache section. Click Ok. Exit and relaunch the browser.
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    Where are you, Karen?

    Thank you Lesly!!! Don't worry darlin, it will come off slowly but surely. There may even be a time when I stall and you catch up to me! I have been learning that weight loss is a funny thing. It's varies by individual and even varies for that individual. I have a tendency to loss about 10 lbs all at once and then will stall for two or three weeks before I suddenly cascade downward again. Others lose about a pound a week. So just keep at it. It will have. Maybe sooner, maybe later, but you WILL get there!
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    NSV - Great Sex

    Haha. Well, I'm not gonna lie to ya, certain things have looked a bit different since the 80lbs going, but not 3 inches. Plus, if 3 inches were added to a certain something, methinks that would be an issue for some women and myself. haha. :tt1: As the Japanese say, so desu (That's it).
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    :tt1: LilMissBand-Aid! WoW!! You want to know what I noticed right off the bat with your pictures?? That beautiful smile you have now!:tt2: Isn't it wonderful to know that you have accomplished one of your goals! You are beautiful and thank you for sharing your before and after pics! You have it going now!!
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    Ok. I'll take that as a no. LOL Pray for me....I'm going in!
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    It doesn't matter when the port infection happened, you had a port infection. People, what he is saying is entirely possible. I have no clue if it is true or not, but I have a hunch it might be true. It would not be the same as a perf (for the EMT) the tubing/colon would sound more like an erosion type issue. That is not a matter of life threatening TODAY, that is like..."Really important, mega important and this has to be fixed ASAP." OP... I wouldn't be pushing the talk show circuit just yet. This is a potential complication of banding. We all know there are risks to banding including the unknown risks. There is no promise that you won't die of surgical/band issues. Not making light of your issue, just saying that you are talking big right now because your family thinks you should go on Oprah. I knew there were risks to banding and I'm living them right now. So I'll deal with it. But to go into this thinking it is 100% safe and no chance for bad things to happen is burying your head in the sand. I have a hunch that 85% of what you say is true and maybe 15% or so is frustration and ... well, a bit of drama. But maybe if I experienced the same I'd have some drama too. I don't know. Good luck to you.
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    so done with it all

    The symposium was great

    I was there and thought it was really good. Had lots of fun meeting people from all over that I chat with online here. Always nice to put faces to the names.
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    thank you ... you know ... i never thought of that ... the answer would be... YES!!!!
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    Hi from Maryland

    Welcome Christy! I'm just starting my process and I'm also a low BMI person 5'7" and 255 with just barely 40 bmi, but with horrible degenerative lumbar disk disease and high blood pressure (which is totally controlled with medication). I'm still waiting for authorization to see the bariatric surgeon which hopefully will come today then it will be all of the tests before they will submit to Healthnet for final approval. Please let me know what you've been through, and Good Luck! I will keep positive thoughts for you...... April (in Northern California)

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