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My journey began a long time ago but until last year I did not realize what an easy desicion it should have been. I am diabetic and have been for 24 years. I have high cholesterol, manic depression, thyroid that does not work, and on top of that I was dealing with bone healing issues. I broke my leg in 2005 and it did not heal so I had to have surgery to have the hardware removed. Broke it again a year and half later and could not heal. During those three years I had gained 80 pounds. This of course spiraled my diabetes out of control. I decided I needed to make a decision to do something and realized I could not do it alone.

I researched the lap band for a long time before deciding to do it. I could not get it done in the US because I was not "heavy" enough to qualify. I then started to research Mexican physicians. I found Dr. Kuri and decided to take the plunge. His patient coordinator was amazing and the entire experience was outstanding. I would do again in a hearbeat. It has been one year and I am down 63 pounds and feel amazing. I have eight year old triplets and full time jobs so getting my energy back was so important. I have not had any problems with my leg and my insulin requirements are half what they used to be. I am exercising again and feel like my old self. I could not do it without this amazing tool. It has given me the boundries that I was unable to stay within. I am not at goal yet, still have about 15 more pounds but am so pleased with the process and the way I feel. I have since gone back to Mexico for a breast lift with liposculpture. Another great experience. Best of luck to all out there, your goals are within reach.

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Congratulations on your success!!

I think we all need to hear more stories like yours...to know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

Good luck and much continued success!!

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