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I grew up husky (as they called it). Never was thin. I graduated HS at over 200. Then my first year of college did alot of walking and went down 40 lbs or so. Then started creeping back up. Got pregnant 12 years out of HS and gained 60 lbs. I wasn't able to get rid of it. Went on to have 2 more kids (all c-section).

I started having more health problems, depression and severe back pain. More and more aches and pains. Migraines started coming on more frequently.

I started hearing more about gastric bypass but didn't want something so severe. Had some distant friends have the surgery and they had good success.

Starting hearing more about lap band and did some research. I liked the idea that it was reversible, and no major malnutrition. At the time the company I worked for wouldn't cover any weight loss medical stuff. Not even an appointment with a dr.

I switched companies and started to look at it more seriously. Went to a meeting that dr was holding at a local hotel. It all sounded good. I was ready!

I worked with the dr to see about how my insurance would pay for it. At the time I has BCBS of KY, even though I was in Colorado.

They said I needed 6 months of dr supervised weight loss visits to my primary care. I started going. Didn't loose any weight during this time, but I kept the appointments and did what I needed to.

Then I kept in touch with the case nurse of the lap band dr. It was amazing, apparently not many people stick with going to see the primary when the insurance forces them to. It's soooo easy to just go. I know it can be depressing, but if you don't go and complete it, they're definitely gonna turn you down.

In my 5th of my 6 months of visiting with my primary, I started making arrangements for the mental health eval with the bariatric dr.

I was done with my 6 months visting my primary. No weight loss. I think I might even have gained. We resubmitted the info to the insurance and I was approved.

I had the surgery in Greeley Colorado on March 23, 2006.

Things went well afterward.

The only issue I've had is swelling/too tight.

I have lost weight and switched dress sizes. Would I do it again....absoloutely!

It's not the cure all end all. Just this year I have been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. This is something I've been seeing my primary for since 2004.

I was also diagnosed with severe sleep apnea in January. Which I had a finger sleep test from my primary and another one from the bariatric dr that came back negative.

I had a full sleep study in January and as of March 2008 have been using Positive Airway Pressure mask/machine at night.

My biggest struggle has been my fatigue. I work full time, have 3 kids and don't spend time on structured exercise. I am able to get out and walk, bike, etc.

I feel if I had exercised more, I would have lost more by now.

But it's still weight I have lost. I still struggle to eat better and make better choices.

I did have one point were I was unfilled .8 Cc's and gained 30 lbs back.

It's okay, it's all a continuous improvement plan.

I'm still down from a size 26 to and 18/20. I'll take that any day of the week.

I feel better, don't get aches in my knees and legs.

It is not a magic bullet. It does work on the hunger. Before surgery I would get ravenous. I wanted to eat anything and everything. There are times now where not eating doesn't bother me.

Stick with it! baby steps if need be! And by all means DO NOT COMPARE YOURSELF WITH OTHERS! This is an indivual process. It may be quick or it may take longer.

But you will loose weight, feel better, eat better.

My dr said they have patients 5 years out that are still loosing weight.

If that's what it takes me, that's simply what it takes. Every day I learn a little more about this and how it works.

I was happy to ready earlier today that some women during menstruation tighten. I now think that's me and it's a nice piece to remember.

Good luck! Do what's right for you! If you choose to have this done, do your research and really analyze it. If you hear someone is bad, rethink it, don't push it under the rug.

They're are plenty of good dr's and staff out there!

Here's to all of us :biggrin:

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Well done, I have just been banded (4 days ago) and am so excited for the future. I think you having amazing perseverence, if I had to do all you had to do BEFORE being banded, I'm not sure I woud of been able to. Go girl!

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