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Personal challenge between HP and D!!!

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and when we do the 21 mile loop in our nearby down with stops at the store...it is about 1.5...

the rides are different with the area we choose to ride. We can do a 15 mile ride with hills that takes just as long as our longer routes...depends on allot of different factors.

Heat.....how you feel...how the group is riding today...slow or fast.....etc....

I am averaging around 13.5 mph-14.5 mph on nice rolling hill areas and more on straight stretches and less on hills.

We usually always have pit stops along the way and mess around a little there..usually no more than 15 min....the less the better...

I love my bike...and I sure do miss her........aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Well...I guess she will have to wait another week to see me!!!

Seriously Tiger...keep up all your hard work..you will get where you want with your attitude

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HP~ I can't believe they would let you go all the way down there for the results if they knew they didn't have them.. they should have called you and told you they didn't have them so you didn't have to waste a trip and miss work. I sure hope you find out tomorrow before you leave for Florida on Sat.

I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers..I know it can be nerve racking to play the hurry up and wait game.

Did you find a lump? or did you just have them do a random biopsy since you have a family history?

(((keeping fingers crossed for all clear))) Sending you long distance big hugs!

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NOpe....did not find anything..and they said when they did the biopsy that I would never of caught this..it was all very tiny an very deep....sounds lovely....knowing it can grow inside your body like that un known to us...

anyway...I turned 40, and was supposed to go in Jan...I put it off for various reasons...finally went and had to go back. Than they called me back and said I was going to have a biopsy 2 weeks ago...instead they scheduled me to see the surgeon?? So, they rescheduled me for the procedure and i had that this week on tuesday.

I am a high risk, and not only did my mom have this, but my sister at age 42 died of ovarian cancer. So.....cancer is not a friendly person in my eyes.

I was furious to say the least..now I am trying to decide if I take off tomorrow or if I stay at home and wait to go again??? I still have to leave early again...but I proably need to go in for a little bit at least.

You know...I am really trying to stay positive.....I worked really hard to get myself healthy....and if I have this ugly thing...than I DEAL with it HEAD ON!!!! Remind me that a few months down the way...LOL

Thanks for the prayers....they are much appreciated

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If your sister had ovarian cancer make sure that you are tested for it as well. It is a very silent, asymptomatic form of cancer that is often found way to late. Just make sure that you are an advocate in your health. As a nurse, I see so many people who are uneducated and have no idea what questions to ask their doctor....they rely and put so much faith in there doctors to do everything for them. Doctors are human too...and they overlook things and make mistakes..

You have already decreased your chances of cancer by getting the extra weight off, and you have done an awesome job with that! Just stay on top of your yearly exams so you can take care of things early if something does show up.

Keep your chin up!

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Well, She was a half sister..which is good. I had a complete hysterectomy at 26 (but so did she) I have yearly paps, and ca125 test ran 2 a year.

I will not let this get me.....And you know what...seeing the exrays goes to show you that being afraid of going for this test could of cost me my life if I waited for several years.

We are in charge of our bodies...and hopefully we can continue to get stronger and healthier....

Thanks for being there tonight and listening...

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True that!

Now the bigger challenge is getting our husbands to go to the doctor. Mine is a PIA when it comes to that. I told him I have to go through uncomfortable exams yearly to make sure that I am healthy so I don't get sick and die on him, and he has to do it too...what is a little blood work and a finger up the butt for a minute.....try having the cold device we get the pleasure of the doc using on us.

uuuuuuuuhhhhggggggg men.....what babies lol

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Awe, this is what I love about this band....people REALLY care and are there for you!!!!

HP, I love you girl!!!!! You know that, I hope!!!! I am glad TG was here tonight when you needed to talk!!! What a great friend!!!

Maybe you should call tomorrow before going to see if they have anything to tell you or not.....idiots!!!

To answer the question about how long the rides take...like Traci said, it all depends on everything going on around you....that is sooooooooooo vague I know sorry.... We can usually do a 33 miler in about 2 hours with a pit stop in the middle for bathrooms and fill up Water bottles again. A lot of times we are moving 18-20 miles an hour and then sometimes we just don't push as hard. We have BIG mountain passes we do, so those of course take a lot longer. You are in low gear for a long time. Wish I could help you out more with a concrete answer!!!

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That gave me a round about on the amount of time I would need to leave before it gets dark...it is way to hot to ride early afternoon, we usually wait until about 7pm and that leaves us just about an hour and half before it is dark.

So...I know you all will get a kick out of that...and I can handle being laughed at...but..here it is... I have a gear problem. There I said it....my secret is out...

It all started when I was about 15 years old. My mom's friend attempted to teach me how to ride a motorcycle...well...I couldn't get the hang of changing gears...

Then when I turned 16 my mom attempted to teach me to drive a stick shift car...yeah right....

Then when I graduated high school I went to buy a new car...trying to save money I wanted to get a stick....the sales lady was bound and determined to teach me how to drive a stick...my mom nearly pee'd her pants in the back seat while this lady was working with a lost cause....teaching me to drive a stick...

Then, a few of my friends attempted...

and even a few weeks ago...17 years later... my husband attempted to teach me to drive the truck...thank God he has the patience of a saint. But it didn't work either....

Then last night, my friend attempted to teach me how to change gears on my bike...but I am clueless... so... if you would like to try to give me the break down on what gear to use when and how to do it... I will attempt it on Sat when I go for a ride again..lmao

May the force be with you my friend!

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Re: men and healthcare - I used to run a Health & Wellness Center that our hospital had in a local mall (screenings, classes, a lending library of health related books and pamphlets, mammograms, BP checks, etc. All preventative health stuff. Well, the women showed up in droves for mammograms, cholesterol checks, and bone density screening. The men...well not so much. In fact the only folks who ever passed out on us drawing their blood were big ol' men. So, I devised a diabolical plan, but alas never did implement it.

Here it is (cue scary music) - I wanted to put a big sign out in front of the center that said "Free Tools at 5 pm" with an arrow pointing toward the classroom. I am sure that a large group of men would gather, after all "free tools" to them is like a sign saying "free shoes" to most women! Men would be calling friends and sons, neighbors and golf buddies to let them know about the free tools. Promptly at 5 we would open the door to the classroom. The men would crowd into the room...and before they could take in the fact that there were no power tools in the room, I would shut and lock the door. Security from the hospital would stand guard, guns at the ready (of course, no bullets, but the men wouldn't have to know that).

We could then give a fabulous program (of course) on "Tools to out live your wife". We'd teach 'em testicular self-exam (major killer of young men), why a PSA AND digital exam is important after age 40, and why large amounts of beef, brats, and beer are not their friend - no matter how appealing the commercials are.

Aah - a girl can dream...pitiful that my fantasies are about healthcare, isn't it??

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HP - I am stunned by your news. Over the past 2 years we have had a run on breast biopsies and some breast cancer diagnoses in my college at the university. No matter what, that news rocks your world and the world of those who love you.

Waiting sucks. And to have a date to hear the news dangled in front of you and then - "no news, come back" - why that's downright criminal. I want to shake the docs and pathology folks - so I can't even imagine how you must feel.

I so understand your "out of control" issue. A few years back my DD was seriously ill - and gosh darn it, it was so totally out of my control. I was a glorified taxi driver getting her to/from appointments - while the real cure was in her hands, the docs and therapists, and God. I gained 60 lbs. in stress eating and then found out about the most wondrerful stress release. Throw lightbulbs.

Yes, I said throw lightbulbs. Save up any bulbs that burn out - then when you have that "I can't stand this for one more minute - arrrgggghhhh!" feeling, grab your stash of bulbs and head outside. Find a good solid target (I used a brick fence across the street from my house) and wing them bulbs. You can imagine anyone or anything you want at the face on your target. Best of all, lightbulbs make a fabulous sound when you get in the groove and really hum them towards the immovable object. Yet, they are light enough to not hurt anything if your aim is off. Trust me, friends and neighbors will add to your lightbulb stash with their burned out bulbs, because they will think this cure is hysterical. But, it works...not permanently of course, but I could sleep after I'd had a bulb toss instead of pacing, thinking, worrying, and trying not to climb into the frig and eat my way out.

I have put a white ribbon in my prayer book with "Tracy - HP" on it, so you will be in my prayers each morning and night. God bless you.

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thank you so much everyone.....wow.....is all I can say.

thanks for being here for me

going to the store to get some lightbulbs!!!!

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I will send you my stash of lightbulbs Traci!!!!

Please let us know as soon as you can!!!! And remember, no DEWS!!!

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((Packing light bulbs in bubble wrap for Traci)) Have you heard anything yet??? I am squirming in my seat..I am going to have to go punch BOB to get some of my anxiety out. ~~~ I know you posted somewhere your screen name for yahoo...but I can't find it now....will you send it to me again pleaseeeeee

2B~ I think a lot of women who love a man... whether it be husbands, fathers, sons, cousins, grandfathers....would be glad to help you doop these guys on giving them "free tools".

You would be surprised how many sour puss faced men come through our facility and when you ask them whats wrong...." my wife is making me do this" comes out of their mouths... I simply respond... "you are a very lucky man to have someone that loves you this much"

Okay...I know I am on my detox process from my scale...and I have only weighed in once today...which is awesome for me! But I am getting a little discouraged....the darn thing has not moved...it still says the same weight as it said on monday.. I am going to dr this monday...i am going to tell him I need another fill no matter what he says..lol if he doesn't agree I will kick him. (must be getting ready for time of month...I just want to kick people) But I always have Water weight the week before ...my system is a mess......

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FRIDAY EVENING UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NO NEWS....I guess they said as we were driving down there to see them and they called me on my cell to tell me they were not back yet....that he had to make more cuts and was re looking at some as well?? Not sure if they would be back now. So....they will be calling my cell when they get the results...either over the weekend(as that nurse was working on call) or on Monday. Of course, I will be out of town, but can deal with it than. She said IF I needed to see the surgeon they would get that all set up for when I got back.? So,

I kind of excpected this, so I didnt throw a fit....

I am just praying he is taking his time to tell me I am clear....

I am not going to weigh before I leave....so....I will weigh in a week from Monday.....

Please make sure all post....

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