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14cc band and a 5cc fill

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does anyone else have a 14cc band???

I just got my frist fill of 5cc, wondering if anyone has been losing with just 5cc. i feel scared that i won't lose any weight.

any feedback.


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I have 3.2 cc in a 14 cc band. I've had pretty good restriction with that. Everybody is different. I've lost about 10 lbs since my fill 2 weeks ago. If I'm hungry, I eat and when I'm full, I stop. I just eat really small amounts at a time.

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Hello Vivianna,

I have a 14cc band and had my first fill last week of 7cc's closer to 7.5, and I definitely feel restriction, what I found interesting, was that he kept asking me how I felt.. I had assumed that he would put in a few cc's (like around 3ish) and that would be it, but he asked me to swallow some Water while he was adjusting my band and then stopped when I told him that I could feel it in my throat. I'm getting the feeling that my Dr's are more agressive, they gave me a fill at 5 weeks out and some people have to wait until their 6-8 weeks out (They would have done it at 4 but had trouble accessing my port) It's hard to say what kind of restriction you'll have with 5ccs, everyone is so different. LONG winded reply to your question, Good Luck, I hope you do well with your fill!

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thanks for the feedback, I feel it alittle in my chest when i drink.

Dr. Ren was pleased that i lost a total of 30 pounds. I just hope with my fill I really start droping weight.

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