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Post SADI help <3 Save me from the farts

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Hello all o/

I am hoping some of you can help me with some questions about life post SADI.

I had RNY in 2013, and on 6/2023 I had it converted to SADI. This is a new procedure at my doctor’s office. They’ve never done duodenal switch procedures and I was one of the first people to have SADI. The Dietary information given to me was the same they give for RNY/Sleeve patients. There isn’t anyone for me to really talk to at the support group about it and while my nurses try to be helpful, it’s not the same as getting info from people who have lived through this.

Ever since surgery I have been extremely hungry. I haven’t had any kind of restrictive feeling you would have with the original RNY surgery. My doctor said part of it was because when she reversed my RNY she left me with a bigger stomach than normal (to help prevent pressure on the suture lines and leaks). When people were eating 2oz of yogurt I was able to eat a whole cup, and my doctor told me it was fine, she wanted me to eat more with this surgery. The problem is she has never said how much is too much. She said just meet my Protein goals (80 -100grams) and everything else will follow naturally.

As the months have passed and I have been trying to eat more normal food, I have noticed that I am already slipping up. I am constantly hungry and find I am just watching the clock for when I can eat again, and I am overeating. And eating the wrong things. The amount of gas I have been experiencing is unbearable. I am having a hard time pin pointing exactly what is making me this way (the only two things I know with out a doubt seem to be potatoes and Onions… two of my favorite vegetables :D ) I was sick for 3 days after Thanksgiving from eating stuffing and mashed potatoes.

I am so grateful that I work from home right now because I don’t know how I can be around people like this. I am ok until around 3pm, then the bloating starts, and the gas keeps me up all night. It’s not gentle, it sounds like warfare. The tiniest poop might come out with gale winds force. I can’t go in public. No amount of Gas X or Beano seems to work. I need to get a handle on this.

I am taking my vitamins/calcium religiously. I am eating about 60-80 grams of protein a day, but found I am eating larger portions than I think I should be, snacking, and eating too much carbs. Just basically I’m off the rails. I am still losing weight, but probably not what I could be. I do plan on talking to the dietician again but would like to hear from people who have lived this life first.

Can some of you share your experiences with me? Are there certain foods you must avoid because of the gas? Is there a certain number of carbs/fats/protein you’re aiming for each day? Does it get better? Can you eventually eat friend onions with your fajitas again? Did you struggle with hunger? I would love to hear everyones experiences and what has/has not worked for them.

Thanks for the support!

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I have really smelly gas too. My doctor has me eating 100g Protein a day. Almost everything I eat is protein and usually the only veggie I eat is green Beans. I almost never eat potatoes, Pasta, or rice. I consulted Dr. Google and found out that excessive protein will make your gas smelly. It isn't supposed to give you more gas though.

Some fruits and fructose can cause bad gas too. You may already know that a high Fiber diet, lactose (dairy), beans and some veggies do too.

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Hi and welcome to post SADi Life. I had it in Nov 2014 and understand where you're coming from. Before you stress over the list below, I eat all of the items on the list, and some are daily must eat for me. The gas for many SADi and Hess DS patients is triggered by:

1) Dairy (cheeses, milk, sauces with cream), 2) Onions, 3) Sorbitol and certain sugar substitutes but not all, 4) Some Fiber 5) Fruits like grapes. 6) Anything Carbonated.

Strategy => after your morning major bowel movement which should happen if you have a good nights sleep, you won't have any gas.

Morning => Start every morning eating healthy (Banana, Chobanni Greek Yogurt, eggs, oatmeal). fruit (no grapes but any berries, mandarins, peaches, oranges, etc., and chocolate during the morning.

lunch => Sandwich, chocolate, fruit (but no grapes), and min trigger foods, so no gas likely

dinner and later => Anything you want which may cause gas but less concern at night. I eat Ice Cream, cheeses and chocolate every day.

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The gas is probably from the carbs. Especially simple carbs, though complex carbs can cause it too. DS/SADI patients have altered small intestines and those shorter lengths digest carbs differently than the full length did pre-op. Things with sugars in them, like carbs, can cause gas to build up as part of the digestion process.

In addition to this, some people are sensitive to FODMAPS. That can happen with or without surgery. Onions are a huge FODMAP trigger food! Your gut may be reacting to these foods. You can try an elimination diet to see if it helps.

But really, cut the carbs if you want peace. DS/SADI patients need about 90-120 grams of Protein (120 grams is ideal, or whatever it takes to keep your protein levels at 7 or above) about 100-150 grams of fat depending on the surgery, and ideally we keep carbs below 50 grams during active weight loss, some go below 30 grams. But even in maintenance, we need to watch the carbs if we want to avoid gas and other digestive issues.

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