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High B12 and folate levels

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Hi all,

I received the results from my pre-op bloodwork, and I’m concerned about my high B12 and folate levels. Does it have anything to do with my fatty liver? I got the results on Friday and haven’t been able to talk to the doctor, yet.


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have you been taking any supplements? It can be an issue with the liver, kidneys ect... But that is the whole point of these test. To find out this information and act on it. So more than likely if the levels are beyond what they think is good they will order more testing. I had a similar issue with the EKG pre op. It showed issues and they told me i had to go see a cardiologist before i could have the surgery and get cleared. If your surgeon appointment is far away then maybe you can see your primary care doctor and see what they say. Or even online there are telehealth doctors that do appointments for like 40 bucks and you can send them your results and they can give you their opinion on it as well. I did that once 2 years ago with a internet telehealth doc and they faxed me an MRI order which was quick and easy. Good luck!

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high B12 levels are rarely a cause for concern. Mine are always over 1000, and a couple of times they went over 2000. When they got to that point, my clinic just said it cut back a bit on my B12 supplementation. It wasn't that it was dangerous, it's just that taking as much as I was at the time was kind of a waste, because I was clearly getting enough.

Folate is a B Vitamin - those are Water soluble so I'd be a little surprised if your clinic is concerned about that.

I'm not sure either of those would be due to your fatty liver, but then, I'm not a medical person, so take that with a grain of salt.

P.S. I just checked with Dr. Google (not the best resource, I know). It doesn't say anything about high folate being related to liver issues - more often, it's related to a B12 deficiency, which you don't have (you said your B12 level is high). It said a high B12 level CAN be related to a liver or kidney issue, but it's usually related to recent supplementation. They may just have you cut back a bit on your B12. But wait to hear what they say. I'm a long-time vet and have been hanging out on this and similar sites for about eight years. A lot of people feel better when their B12 level is above 800 - or even 1000. My clinic never said anything to me until it went over 2000 - and again, they just told me to cut back on my B12 supplement. It's always a good idea to check with your clinic, though, just in case - and if you're worried.

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Thanks! I was Dr. Google the whole weekend and found some scary info about high B12/folate levels, and I’ve been freaking out.

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