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I was supposed to start the mushy/soft food phase yesterday but it’s not going well. After just 1 tiny completely chewed bite it feels stuck in my throat. I have tried three times now: ricotta bake (no egg), soft scrambled egg and a thick puréed Soup.

Honestly even with liquids I feel it hang out for a bit in the same spot before going into my stomach. But if I eat real slow with small sips it’s fine.

I’m going to just go back to the full liquid phase and ask the surgeon on Monday.

I was wondering if anyone had other food suggestions that may go down easier? Yeah was thinking thin mashed potatoes.

I was supposed to have my hiatal hernia fixed during surgery but it ended up not happening. I sort of wonder if this is related. I needed it fixed because it’s causing me a ton of pain, vocal and swallowing trouble…

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The foods may not be moist enough. Many of us go from liquids to purées then soft. Get a good blender of some sort (or borrow one) & blend away. Add stock, broth, gravy, milk, etc. to make your food sloppy. Think food you don’t really have to chew much (think slide more than chew) to begin then slowly make what you eat more dense so you have to chew a little more. Don’t be afraid to go at your pace through the stages.

Honestly, you may find some things taste awful puréed (tinned tuna & salmon turned my tummy). Wish I’d tried chicken thighs blended with gravy much, much sooner.

Yoghurt, milky scrambled eggs, milky rolled oats, thick blended Soup, etc. Mash boiled eggs with mayo is good too.

Eating slowly & taking small bites is key. Use teaspoons, children’s utensils.

I still keep my food pretty moist to avoid that stuck feeling ( then my restriction starting or at worst the foamies).

Definitely chat with your surgeon about the hernia to ensure that isn’t contributing or causing your discomfort.

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Ah okay so going from full liquids to ricotta cheese was too big of a jump. Makes sense!

Thanks I’ll try some (very moist) puréed foods tomorrow and see if that is less troublesome.


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I made puréed hard boiled eggs thinned with yogurt and skim milk. I still have a bit of a funny feeling in the same spot but not enough to stop me from eating.

Thanks for much for helping me find a way to eat something that isn’t Protein shakes! ❤️

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