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Hi everyone!

Made it to the other side of this interesting journey!
Just want to share a couple things for others waiting on surgeries!
I have had an easier time so far then most which I am so thankful for. I’m basically pain free other then discomfort internally, but can’t even really call it pain.
Walk as soon as you can in the hospital. It really helps. Drink super slow out of little 15ml
medicine cups. Listen to your body and what it needs ( liquids, rest, walking etc.)
In the hospital I felt bad because I could hear others struggling really bad! I was worried that it was just a matter of time before I had their issues, but luckily I didn’t. I’m still very early post op and I except issues will come up. I keep asking myself “what the heck did I just do” kinda like a shock that I did this, but I always come back to the realization that I just saved my own life!
The surgery is well worth it and necessary, but do not underestimate it because the struggle is real!
Please reach out if any one has an questions! Good luck to everyone waiting for surgery and those that have already had it!

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    • Living4cc

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    • Stacyp44

      surgery on thursday im so excited
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      1. Candace76

        Congrats & good luck!😊

    • summerset

      How's everyone doing? I'm still fighting insurance company over plastics.
      Many changes at work are coming up. It's very stressful but there are also some opportunities involved, both in regards to personal development and promotion.
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      1. XtinaDoesIt

        I didn't think insurance was even possible for plastics? I figured it would all be out of pocket?

    • Butterflyeffect

      Hi everyone, I finally reached Onederland, yay!! Feels great and I have no regrets. Still a way to go but so much closer now. Thanks for all the support and tips along the way. 
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      Hi Everyone, I’m Marsha i was sleeve on July 8th.
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