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My wife and I are officially in Onederland and I have lost 108 lbs so far during the last year (20 before surgery and 88 during preop until today). I have never posted a picture of myself here so here are a few pictures of when I was near my peak weight and a picture from last month. After the last picture my wife and other family made me go get clothes that actually fit. The shorts I wore to surgery were over 10" too large when I bought the new ones. I had to buy a couple of pair to get the correct sizing and the same with shirts. Since I wasn't able to try things on, I had to return some that were too large. When I have a chance, I will try to post a picture of my wife and her progress as well as she is not currently on this forum. In total, my wife and I have lost 188 lbs since our peak. She only has 20 lbs more before she has over 100 lbs lost as well and is well on her way towards her goal weight.

October 2018


March 2019


November 11, 2020 - Surgery Day


February 27th, 2021

20210227_143528.thumb.jpg.6c434c57a15da5e64a75ef69cffcb6c1.jpg 20210227_143540.thumb.jpg.e03940410785ad13b4236f37c391a556.jpg

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Wow, so awesome!!!! Congrats to you both! You look great! And strangely enough, you look like my son. Especially in the 3rd pic down. LOLOL

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Congratulations. And, yes, you most definitely would have needed those new clothes. Looking great. Whoo hoo!

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