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Have any try this before

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If you've been struggling with your Fluid intake and don't have much energy and enjoy those and they give you energy when you're feeling fatigued then I'm glad they work for you.

They wouldn't work for me though as my nutritionist only allows me a carb allotment of 60-80g a day and I stick to my zero Powerade because it's like 2 carbs for the whole 28 oz so only 4 carbs for 56 oz. BodyArmor however is high in carbs with 10-18+ carbs for 16oz. I'd rather waste my carb allotment on something else. For reference what's worth it to me is something like my oatmeal I eat for breakfast is 25 carbs while the Protein pancakes I occasionally have for breakfast are 26 carbs (with the sugar free syrup), the Hummus chips I like are 20 carbs (with ranch dip), while the crackers I like are 22 carbs, and my protein bars are 20 carbs. I try not to waste my daily allotment on drinks, but you're pretty early on so you need what energy you can get. Glad you found something that works for you.

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math error omg

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I haven't, but I'm glad you found something you can drink. Staying hydrated is hard at first, so it's great to have a drink you like at least. Sip slowly and enjoy. 🤗

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8 hours ago, mischa23 said:

I went target bought this yesterday I had some of it really help me meaning I started had some energy plus it’s really good to me it’s way better then zero power aid and Gatorade



I have tried it and found it to be a nice low carb choice since it’s made (mainly) with erythritol instead of regular sugar



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