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Hi! I wanted to ask if anyone takes preworkout? It’s been 2 months since my surgery and I want to get back into working out. And I want to take preworkout. Does anyone know if we can!?

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This would really be a question for your RD or surgeon about this specific product, but at this point, I doubt that you have any real need for a special pre workout meal or snack - it is unlikely that you would be working hard enough yet to need anything special this early, and it is probably inappropriate to be working that hard yet (work back up to it.)

At around four months, I needed something because I was hitting a wall after about an hour in the pool. After consulting with the RD who suggested the classic pre workout snack of fairly high complex carbohydrate, moderate Protein and low to moderate fat, I settled on a small meat and cheese sandwich and hour or so before and that did the trick. No special commercial potions were required.

My suggestion would be to start working out again slowly, within your doctor's guidelines, ramping things up over time as you build strength and energy, and see how things go. Then address any issues you have as you come across them rather than "pre-medicating" with something that you don't need yet.

Good luck,

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