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Has anyone tried using NOOM along with their Surgery?

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Hey, Newbie here!

I'm just beginning this process and already concerned that AFTER the surgery I might have the same sort of lack of control that I have now. I don't want to be afraid of myself and my own lack of control, so I want to work on behavioral changes through this entire process. Has anyone tried using NOOM while they were going through the pre-op and post-operative as well as maintenance phases?

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I agree with OAGBPal. Follow your surgeon's plan during the weight loss phase - you can always switch to NOOM to maintain your loss (or lose regain, which is unfortunately fairly common) later.

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I had my surgery about five years ago and maintained a loss of about 50 pounds after that, far short of my goal. I'm also diabetic, so was put on Ozempic for that about six or seven months ago and have experienced the appetite suppressant effects of that, very useful. So I started losing quite slowly with that, and then, on the advice of the psychologist my diabetes doctor recommended, I signed up for Noom about a month ago.

I was very skeptical but I am kind of a convert now, as I've lost another ten pounds or so with it. It's on my phone and while there are psychologically-based lessons and support groups to post to, what I find most useful are the daily weigh-ins and food tracking (on some phones it will also track your steps, but my knees are shot and walking is not my thing--I swim for exercise, just not enough). You enter what you eat and the program keeps track of the (estimated) calories; I have a 1200-calorie daily limit. The program is very supportive and recognizes that this isn't a straight-line process. We do better some days than others. But I'll admit that I think twice about eating something caloric when I'm at or near (or over!) my daily limit.

I'll add that a side effect of the Ozempic I'm on is that on the day I take it and the day after (it's a once-a-week shot), I've learned to be very, very careful about what I eat. The side effects if I have something carby are not pleasant, let me just say without further details!

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