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Hello! Newbie Intro + Feb Surgery

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Hey all, so I've been lurking for about a year, off and on and finally made an account once I received a surgery date.

Backstory in a nutshell: This is not my first rodeo. Been on a bajillion diets and yo-yo'ed for too long. Had some success, some lasting years, but my Achilles heel is keeping it off. I like to exercise so mostly that part of the equation has not been a sticking point for me.

I started my journey to WLS on Oct 2019. I wrapped up my insurance-required steps by April 2020 BUT initially had been doing so well on my own with losing that I thought perhaps I wouldn't even go the WLS route. Then covid happened and threw me off balance a bit, but I kept to my exercise and keto/low carb diet with success. Things went wonky in June when I broke my ankle and then again in December when I sprained that same ankle (grrrr). All my progress stalled while I healed and it didn't take much for me to gain nearly all my lost weight back in about 7 months. I asked my bariatric team to go ahead and submit my paperwork in November, I think. Processes were slow due to the virus, but I was shocked to get a pretty quick approval and surgery date for Dec 17. That was put on hold, but just this week I received a call that elective surgeries were being scheduled again.

I have pre-op visits on Jan 22 with the anesthesiologist and surgeon. I am not sure if I'll have to do a pre-op diet. Guess the surgeon will tell me Friday! I'm pretty excited and trying not to be too nervous about the days ahead.

I'm married and have two kids (ages 18 & 20). My username is kind of a private joke. No matter how heavy I am, I've always thought I had nice ankles. 😄

So anyway...Hi! 😊

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Hello and Welcome to the rest of your life!!!!

Many of us can relate to years of yo yo dieting, and being able to lose, but not being able to keep it off. You are in great company here!!

Best of luck to you, and I look forward to following your progress!

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Thank you, ChubRub! Your progress is amazing! How have you found maintaining your loss so far? Easier than before surgery, I hope?

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