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. I am one week post op and I still have excessive belching. It feels out of control. I take gas x at night to try to help.
Will the belching ever go away ??

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Yes and no. I don't belch uncontrollably anymore like I did after surgery, but some wind does like to go through now and again depending on what I eat. And sometimes, belching relieves that gas buildup, so while it's kind of embarrassing, it's useful.

Do you walk a lot right now? That will relieve some of the gas and slow the belching down a little, too. If you're drinking too much water/eating too much or too fast, you'll have a lot of gas from that.

Congrats on the surgery, and hang in there.

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2 years post op here, and I still burp a ridiculous amount (and often times ridiculously loudly). I don't burp as much as the first few months post-op, and now it is for the most part limited to about 30 or so minutes after I've eaten or drank something.

Things that are *supposed* to help:

  • eat slowly
  • take small bites
  • avoid drinking from straws
  • refrain from talking while you eat
  • don't chew gum
  • stop smoking
  • avoid carbonated beverages
  • avoid/limit foods that cause gas/bloating (this list is LONG.)

aside from the 1st three above, I do/partake in the rest of this do-not-do list (and my diet pretty much consists of stuff that is found on the gas-causing-food list), so I really only have myself to blame. Sigh.

On the bright side, my burping never was/is accompanied by pain nor discomfort (unless I eat too much or too fast), it really just annoying at this point.

If your burping is causing you alot of discomfort or affecting your quality of life a little too much, you may consider implementing the list above (and speak to your doc).

Good Luck!

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I have an uncontrollable drunken-sounding hiccup several times a day. It’s so loud! I sound like a day-drinking pirate. Fortunately I am working from home so it’s not particularly bothersome. I’m not quite 3 months out from surgery, so I’m assuming/hoping that it will lessen with time. Also, looking at ms.sss’s list, I bet I’m probably eating too fast.

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