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My stats:
Vsg: 04/28/2019
Cw: 172
Gw: 160-150

I have been stuck at 172-175 for the last 3 months and I am super frustrated. No matter how hard I try I cannot seem to lose any more weight. I reallly really want to reach my goal. Please share if you have any tips to get the scale moving again!! Fasts? Resets? Your plan? I will try anything ☺️
Thank you!

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since it's been three months, you're in maintenance. The only way to start losing again is to cut calories or beef up your exercise. And just so you know, those last 30 lbs or so can be a BEAR to lose. I think I lost only about a pound or two a month at the end - I thought I'd NEVER get there!

P.S. if you're no longer logging your food intake, I'd start there so you know how many calories you're averaging NOW. You have to do it over several days or even a week or two since it can vary from day to day. Once you know your average, then cut about 100 out a day. If a couple of weeks go by and nothing happens, cut 100 more. Eventually you'll find your sweet spot and start losing again. Alternatively, you could do enough exercise (and not change your eating) to create the same deficit. Or you could do both...

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I’m 20 lbs from goal. My year anniversary is in a little more than 2 weeks. Overall I’m down 125 lbs. I’ve been stalled for 2 months. I did pouch reset- see attached. Only 5 days. 1st 2 are Liquid Protein & tough but it worked! scale moved! I’ve done it once before when stalled so this will be my go to. Good luck!


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Great suggestions from others... if those don't work for you, then maybe try intermittent fasting.. Only eat during an 8 hour window. That seems to work for people. I am on a 10 day stall & I am so close to my goal. It is so frustrating.

I ramped up my exercise routine yesterday... and I am hoping that will work. If not, I am going to do intermittent fasting. Good luck!

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