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Hey everyone!

I have posted here once before, but it has been years and years. I couldn't actually remember my username because it had been so long. I do lurk from time to time because everyone is so kind and helpful!

I was banded in 2011 and have had very minimal issues with my band. No slippage, no erosion. Everything has worked pretty much as expected. I do have referred pain in my shoulder with exercise, but that's about it. About 6-8 weeks ago I started noticing swallowing was more difficult. It has slowly progressed to the point of 2 weeks ago I can only swallow liquids. At first I did not think this was band related at all. Mainly because the place solids seem to stick is at the base of my throat. I had a barium swallow done. The results were moderate tertiary contractions, moderate dysphagia, and reflux. I've seen my surgeon. Band placement looks perfect. Barium under flouro showed the liquid passing through normally. He did an upper endoscopy that same day to check for erosion, and there was none. I've read journal articles about the relation of the tertiary contractions and esophageal motility related to lap band. I feel like ultimately these swallowing issues are coming from my band. My only concern is I don't seem to be having "typical" symptoms. I know the feeling of having food stuck and this just doesn't feel like that. I'm not having any pain other than a pain that has persisted in my left neck and jaw that I assume is unrelated. I've had a neck CT, ultrasound, and been to ENT who did a scope as well, and everything looks fine. There is no physical reason for me not to be able to swallow normally other than the abnormal barium swallow findings.

My surgeon said he will remove it if that's what I feel like needs to be done, but he isn't convinced this is band related. Opinions?

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Did you have esophageal manometry done? It specifically looks at the upper and lower esophageal sphincters. Plus a BRAVO test would give you an idea of the severity of your reflux disorder. I guess in your shoes I'd ask for a little more testing before opting for band removal if it's otherwise not giving you problems.

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