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Gadgets and Apps and Others

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  1. Over the past year been getting PM about what App did i use and about gadgets /devices/issues

So Here i go again. Repost from last December

First of all this is what i did and I have a tendency to not follow the rules. KEY to this post is you decide, Do not follow, If a gadget makes you happy and keeps you focused, Great, but this is a individual journey that you and only you can do! During the journey ,,,,,Do not stress out, panic, just adjust and make changes that allow you and only you to enjoy the journey to a healthy happy you.

1. Shakes: I must have spent a thousand dollars on pre made shakes and to me they suck! Once you figure out how to make them you can enjoy the challenge and make them into little hand grenades filled with Protein and vits and minerals

2. Scale: Yes you need one but do not drive yourself nuts weighing all the time - I weighted in on the 1st and 16th of the month

3. Apps : I found this to be a pain in the ass to use and record, but if you like them people here swear by them, But do not get so obsessed with you app you loose focus

4. Plates and gadgets. NO WAY am i sitting down with others with a baby plate, Look at the images on google for the size of a meal you should eat. Look at a 100 images and you are adults you should be able to portion just by view. Weighing you food is insane to me. But i am culinary trained i can eye a piece of fish or meat and know it is 5oz. I think we all know what a cup of veggies is about in size.

5. Clothes: I truly have looked like a homeless guy for the last year, In fact as sit here i have a 5x Colombia fishing shirt on. Used to be tight now its huge but comfortable. Enjoy donating the fatty clothes, Enjoy the change who cares what you wear, I realize if you have to work you need proper clothing but getting healthy is a better thing then losing your wardrobe. Nothing made me happier then donating Bags of clothes - Sure I kept a few but donated the rest - Huge walk in closet full now everything that fits takes up a little area.

6. Others/Co workers/ Family. This seems to be a problem with many here, I suggest you just get the screw you attitude and you are doing this for yourself. Who really cares what Betty in HR thinks. This is a topic is see all the time, People are mean and love to see failure in others. So they get envious as you succeed

7. Dietetic and Trainer: To me this is a key from Pre Op - However I do realize money is a issue, If you can not use one read read read and do not read here first. There are great books and plans available from Trained Nutritionists on web. Then read here because No two WLS people are the same. If time is a issue Meal prep with containers and such. I suggest a trainer. One of my greatest things was the elliptical with the video screen trainer. Love it. Little pricey but great and private, they have bikes and treadmills also

The moral here is there seem to be alot of new people here, run your own race and do not waste to much time on Gadgets and Issues of the surgery. Focus on your journey and the changes - Keep it simple, Keep it healthy, Keep it up!

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