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Second Day on Soft Diet Doing Okay

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This is my second day on the Soft Diet and so far so good except I threw up yesterday because I did not listen to the signal my body was giving me regarding Breakfast, which is that I should have just stuck with just the 1 egg Scrambled egg and not try to eat some fruit (1/4 cup) afterward. I AM doing better today and everything is staying down.

Before the surgery I was on the liquid diet for 1 week drinking Carnation Breakfast Essentials Light Start (5 packets, 5 cups 2% milk and 1 Tablespoon whey Protein Powder) everyday getting 40 oz of that in and 24 oz from drinking either Water or Crystal Light. And doing that once I got home on June 19, 2020, when I was asked to get in 8 oz of liquid within 45 minutes of being home and continue the Liquid Diet until June 27, 2020, when I started the pureed Diet that that went okay for me as well as the Liquid Diet except kind of getting tired of everything being chocolate (because they only have chocolate Carnation Breakfast and Protein Powder at the store near where I live) and to think I am a chocolate lover getting tired of having something that is chocolate.

Exercise so far has been walking around the apartment, walking around the neighborhood some, walking to the store or pharmacy from where I live and climbing stairs to do Laundry since I have been home from surgery even though I make sure that I do not lift no more than what I am allowed to lift and not pushing myself when I am starting to tire out from walking.

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Sounds like you are progressing nicely!! Keep up the great work!!

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