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Please help me figure out surgeries!

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14 hours ago, Jessa4140 said:

I also really don't want to have to come back and pay for a revision. I have kids and I have a lot of things I could be spending those thousands on instead of a second surgery.

So I'm sitting here bouncing back and forth between not losing all the weight I need to with the sleeve and being worried about the harsh side effects of the switch as well as having concern for the severe malabsorption as I age into my twilight years. But then again I won't live to see old age if I don't get a minimum of 100lbs off. Help. Please.

And yes I Know the surgery is a tool and should work if I use it well, and I plan to, but..I don't know. Just help please.

Girlfriend IMHO

Go with a surgeon who has flawlessly performed hundreds of DS (not none)

Otherwise both RNY & VSG are comparable UNLESS you already have heartburn/GERD (go with RNY in that case)

Good Luck ❤

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15 hours ago, Jessa4140 said:

No worries, I know she's not uber compliant. She still eats almost nothing but fried, processed food.

I am a grazer and I eat a lot of carbs and large portions.

I guess I just want to make sure the sleeve will get me where I need and want to be? I want to lose around 125 lbs, is it possible with a sleeve, or is the sleeve more for 50 lbs weight loss? I won't want to go too aggressive with the switch if I don't need to, but I don't want to regret not going aggressive enough and not losing it.

I can answer for me...I am 4 days away from being 6 months post op, and I am down 96 pounds. I had the sleeve. I think if you dont have issues with reflux, sleeve is a wonderful option. My restriction is great and I dont feel the need to snack.

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I'll speak for myself I started at 322 and I'm now 165lbs and I had RNY gastric bypass and had no issues at all.. lost all my excess weight and only took 8 months :)

I had a lot of restriction for months and lived off shakes. Didn't even feel like eating had no urge at all for months..

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You have difficult decisions to make and it’s completely understandable that you’re obsessing about all of it – how could you not? I, too, am a strong advocate of the “think a million times, cut once” philosophy.

With regard to being a pioneer patient, from extensive research conducted prior to my own bariatric surgery, and as a medical scientist, please allow me to offer an assessment: no surgeon would select a ultra-low or even low-volume surgeon for him-/herself or his/her relatives for any surgery.

The correlation between high volume and quality of surgical outcomes is empirically well documented, meaning that the outcome of every surgical procedure is directly dependent on the number of operations performed at a given hospital as well as by the designated surgeon. In other words, the higher the number of operations of a specific type a surgeon performs, the more likely optimum treatment results and low complication rates are achieved. This fact is supported by a large volume* of studies and meta-analyses that have been conducted, peer-reviewed, and published between 1979 and 2019.

Because of comorbidities and lower cardiopulmonary reserve thresholds, bariatric patients are often high risk patients. In complex procedures like bariatric surgery – and particularly with riskier procedures such as RYGB, BPD/DS, and SIPS – it is worth paying extra attention to the correlation of procedure-specific skills of the surgeon and the complication rate.

Since you’re several months away from surgery, I’d encourage you to keep researching extensively, and talk with as many people as possible who have recently had DS and VSG, and particularly those who are at least 5 years out from both surgeries. I hope that by the time you reach a final decision, you’re able to do so with clarity and a sense of ease. Wishing you all the very best!


*A small sampling of available data includes:

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18 hours ago, rjan said:

Google found this surgeon who offers a version of DS that preserves the pyloric sphincter.

Stomach Intestinal Pylorus-Sparing (SIPS) surgery has been around for about 8 years. It's a simplified DS procedure, and lots of bariatric surgeons perform it. Long term SIPS outcomes are similar to any other bariatric surgery.

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