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I’m having a bit of an episode tonight. 

This hasn’t been an easy journey so far. 

I got revised 5/27 and was in the hospital another 3 nights this week. One for a huge hematoma, it happens. 2 nights to repair some scar tissue, a very fast healer the doc said as it was twisting and I was vomitting bile and had a sour stomach. He went and repaired it. 

I feel gassy today being home. Trying to drink as much as I can but I just can’t do it. Even with the sleeve I had an issue with liquids. Especially water. 

Tonight I took two gas pills and within an hour now I vomited them right up. Omg! So scary. Here we go again. I’m so afraid. 

Did I make a mistake by getting the RNY. 

Will this be my life now moving forward. 

I recall the sleeve being easier. 

I’m so anxious tonight so excuse me if I’m rambling. I’m so sad. Why did i do this. Was it worth it. Should I have lived with the constant daily nausea and heartburn 



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