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Covid..... Negative (twice)

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Today was my first day back at work..... These people are already on my last nerve..... Ughhhhhhh

As you all know, the hubby tested positive April 30th.... One of his co-worker passed it on... Anyway, I went for the first test on Friday, May 1st.... which came back negative. But i still had to stay home for two weeks.... I went for my second test last Wednesday and it came back negative also.

No, we didn't stay away from each other, yes we slept in the same bad, yes we did the "normal" married couple things.... I asked the dr. if we need to stay apart ... Blah blah blah... they both said no, that if i was going to get it, it was too late..... So we were together 24/7 since April 23rd.... Did i wear a mask, NO. Did i go crazy washing my hand a million times a day... NO... No more than normal. (must be the bayou blood)

So yes it is possible for only one person in the house to test positive and others not too....

BUT, on a positive note we did, ..... Clean baseboards in the house, hang shelves in the storage, paint the garage, paint the main hall in the house, change all the light switches from regular to the flat and some to smart switches, pressure washed the patio and furniture, found out what was on the other side of the lake (hehe), Cooked new recipes, learned how to use the new expresso machine...... and i managed to lose 2lbs. Yes, I did drink at night for my and hubby's well being.... hehe.

End vent......

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Big hugs to you!!

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