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On 5/28/2020 at 6:53 AM, Azlanie said:

I was sleeved when I was 34, now 35. I'm still within my first year and learning something new about myself and my pouch every day. I did not have any issues with recovery outside of the normal pain and swelling the first few days post op. I even surprised my boyfriend's primary care doctor when I accompanied him to an appointment less than a week later!

I have sagging and loose skin in the usual problem areas: upper arms, stomach, back and upper thighs. I have found that being sure to get in my fluids and moisturizing has been critical in reducing itch and how dry the extra skin folds are becoming. If I miss fluids by 8 or more ounces a few days in a row I FEEL it!

I'm a shut in socially (even before Coronavirus) but I have found myself looking forward to social outings more when I have the opportunity. My clothes fit better (and are much smaller than they were before). I have more energy. I just feel "better" than I have in a long time. My coworkers have been extremely supportive, as have the few friends and family that I associate with on a regular basis.

My advice would be to really take advantage of any nutritionist appointments you can get through your physician's office and insurance. I feel like I wasted some of my early time in navigating what I could and could not eat and my loss has been slower than anticipated. I know this is directly correlated to some of my not so balanced choices. It really sucks questioning how much of each nutrient you should get in a day after a certain stage. Get active when you can - I have been doing low impact walking and resistance training since 2 months out when I was given the go ahead to really move around more and I feel like it has done me *so much* good.

This has given me so many more opportunities for the future and I am SO happy I did it!

Congrats on the weight loss that's huge! I have a lap band that I'm considering switching to a sleeve and one of the things that worries me is the social aspect of my life after the sleeve. You said you've been wanting to go out more, but how has that been for you? Can you go out to restaurants and/or bars and enjoy the food and beverages at all? Are there limitations to what you can have besides for how much of it you can have? The band gave me a lot of anxiety going out and eating at restaurants because the food would sometimes get "stuck" and wouldn't go down and would sometimes come back up, so then I wouldn't be able to eat and drink anything else for a while. How has your overall eating and drinking habits changed since the procedure? Thanks so much for your advice and wisdom, it's much appreciated! -Becca

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19 hours ago, Tribecca26 said:

Hey, this is very inspirational! Congrats on the weight loss! I am 31 y/o female currently around 255lbs, I had a lap band procedure back in 2015 but it has given me nothing but anxiety and issues over the years, as well as about a 50lb weight loss. I'm thinking of having my band reverted to a sleeve in order to lose more weight and try and get rid of my medical problems which actually make it very hard for me to lose weight on my own. But of course, there are things about the sleeve that worry me. To start with they permanently cut out most of your stomach! I can't put my finger on what exactly worries me the most, but the healing process post-op and quality of life after...I know losing weight will be a much healthier better quality of life, but will I be able to ever enjoy food again? I'm still young and want to be able to enjoy going out with friends, how has that all been for you? Most of my friends do know I have had a bariatric procedure already, so no big surprise, I think it mostly around meeting new people, and not eating normally gives me a little anxiety. Have you had any medical problems related to your sleeve like regurg, vomitting, acid reflux? Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom! -Becca

So I am now down 90 pounds in 24 weeks. ANY issues have been totally worth it. I have had no vomiting since the stomach bug in the end of January. Occasionally I have some acid reflux, but when I take my Prilosec like I am supposed to, its not an issue. Its never been terrible though.

As for food, I DEFINITELY still enjoy food! I don't eat much, but I am always satisfied. 95% of what I eat is what people consider healthy food, but I occasionally splurge, like I did last night when I had a bit of cake for my husband's birthday. I honestly never feel deprived or starved.

I have been out to eat a handful of times and I am always able to find something acceptable (and yummy!) when we go out. I just ask for a take home box as soon as I get my food, and put most of it up, then eat what I can. No one really pays me much mind to be honest...and I save money by eating on that meal for a couple days! It has not hindered my social life AT ALL.

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I’m 37 and was sleeved 3 weeks ago. I had a major complication with a GI bleed, but once that was under control my recovery has been smooth sailing. Today I’m about 95% back to normal, just holding off on the lifting. I was tired in the afternoon the first two weeks but that has eased up too.

Including my one week pre-op diet I’m down 30 pounds!

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