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Restarting Weight Loss after Honeymoon Phase

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For those of you that didn’t reach your goal weight during the honeymoon phase (18-24 months after surgery), were any of you able to kickstart your weight loss later and drop the pounds? I lost lots of weight initially (100lbs.), but mostly maintained (or went up and down the same 5-10 lbs.) for the past year. I definitely haven’t been as strict with my diet and exercise during that time. I’m still about 25 pounds from my goal weight and don't want to give up on the dream. . Has anyone successfully met their goal later in the process? What made the difference for you to get it going again?

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Don't give up on your dream, 25 pounds can be done. 😊

Take it one day at a time.

Years out, your surgery still works. Find your old discipline. Your weight loss may be slower but it still comes off.

After the honey moon is over, what motivates you now? Dig deep to find your reasons to stay the course and be healthy.

Work your program. Log food, hydrate and get exercise in.

Join an online weight loss challenge.



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Was able to shed 152lbs in 8 months and below my goal

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