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Completed tummy tuck and thigh liposuction

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I got a Tummy Tuck with muscle repair and liposuction on December 11th. The surgical staff at the VA were awesome. Some of the staff remembered me from my gallbladder surgery (probably helps that there are not that many woman). I let them decide what was best for my belly button. They ended up doing a hybrid of part of my cord and added a little to it (they removed my outie when I had my gallbladder surgery). My stomach is definitely flat and everything looks good. Can’t really tell about the thighs yet because I still have some swelling, but I can fit in my jeans, so not to bad.

Lessons learned- my surgery was same day and I slept an hour past my pain meds after returning home. Significantly pain that first night! Got easier each day. I did have to call the second or third day to get a lesser pain reliever because the morphine based one was knocking me out. They gave me tramadol at my request and it worked great. I didn’t need all of them, but was glad to have a little more given the climate of opioid prescribing now days. I got on the treadmill, but the rubbing of the compression garment hurt, so I am trying to move but not do to much at once. Also, don’t sneeze or cough! Well, the last one can’t be helped, but it does still hurt when that happens.

Glad I bought compression garments for my legs. The surgeon ordered mine through the VA. The prosthetic department (same department that provides my knee braces which I am able to use less and less after weight loss) called me and said I could come pick them up. Waited 2 hrs to be fitted and then told they didn’t have my size. They ordered them and they arrived at my house yesterday. They told me I would be receiving 2 pair, but there are 8 pairs of mid thigh compression socks/hose in the box. I will return them to the VA after the holidays. My husband wanted me to complain about the wait and whatnot, but my thinking is what other health plan actually provides you with free compression garments. Also, they take patients in order of arrival time and a lot of the people waiting are missing limbs (the younger ones break my heart a little, but seeing them walk in on titanium is pretty cool).

Best part of the follow up was that the Doctor seemed genuinely interested in whether or not I was happy with the results. I go back on the 30th for another follow up.

I hope they are able to help more weight loss patients because the studies that have been done show that the patients that pursue plastic surgery keep more weight off at the 10 year mark. I did learn that the VA would have covered my weight loss surgery as well, but the Doctor in the women’s clinic lied to me and said the VA did not cover weight loss surgery. I switched to my husbands doctor due to communication issues with the women’s clinic and inability to get a simple bladder infection treated. My first visit to that clinic was a bit traumatic as well. Patient came out crying loudly and her friend was threatening to call the media, not sure what her issue was, but I believe she was in pain and not getting the help/drugs she needed. I like the Doctor and team I am assigned to now, but just learned he retired. My husband has seen the Nurse Practitioner he was replaced with and said it went well.

So, like any health plan there is good and bad, but I believe most people there genuinely want to help patients.

Thanks for all the advice!

I will post some before and after pics after my next follow up.

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I also received a Tummy Tuck with Lipo suction to my flanks (love handles) on Dec. 11, 2019. I'm doing well. The first week was rough. So much pain! In the past, had four c-sections and by the third day I was off all pain meds. --Not with this surgery! However, I'm very satisfied with the results and feel after losing 80 pounds that this was very needed.

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