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No F#$ckin BMI Way

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11 hours ago, AJ Tylo said:

Sorry fluffy but i am stealing this one also ..... Dang i started a thread from Hell on this BMI stuff - Just glad to be still obese after WLS and 100 plus pounds so i can still hang out with the formally Fat kids

I hope I haven’t come across as judgmental. I’m short as hell so of course my BMI naturally needs to be lower. At 210lbs I was 41 BMI.

for a male at your height you can look and feel healthier at a higher weight point.

15 hours ago, Darktowerdream said:

there is a reason for BMI charts or calculations and many allow for height weight, bone structure, even age and Cleveland clinic includes waist size. And there is a range. It’s a guideline for health. To know when you ever off and can get back on.

When I said this and I cant fix my typos I meant to say BMI calculators are general guidelines for health to know when you veer off course you can get back on a healthy path.

1 hour ago, summerset said:

Sorry, the obsession with this number is sometimes almost unbearable.

Same with calories, carbs, protein... Who gives a flying f**k if you're eating 800 or 808 cals a day? Or if your "carb intake" is 4 g above your limit? We're talking 16 freaking calories here! Six-teen. Not six-hundred.

I thought the discussion was BMI not calories. Or carbs. It’s no fun spending my life having to worry over calories due to metabolic disorders that make me have a very slow metabolism and limited calories. And I have one of few if only medical conditions that exertion, from simple actions like writing this message to exercise is detrimental to my overall health and damaging physically and I don’t benefit from it the way other people do. My muscles get damaged not stronger. I’m not sure why my comment about my struggle with my weight and wanting to achieve a lower BMI due to being dry short hurts you in any way,

report my post if you hate it,

39 minutes ago, Healthy_life2 said:

It’s interesting to see some judgmental comments coming from people that have been judged for being obese.

Is it really judgmental to say that maybe some people are just used to being bigger and if they lost more weight while gaining muscle they might find themselves feeling differently? I don’t think it’s judgmental just different perspectives.

But who am I to say since Being on the autism spectrum I will never understand people at all.

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13 hours ago, Darktowerdream said:

I thought the discussion was BMI not calories.

It was on "obsession" at this time.

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13 hours ago, JAKE H said:

Image result for that escalated quickly meme

Not really. We were well behaved for quite a lot of posts considering the topic, lol.

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Oooppp replied to BMI discussions before reading the thread so I am bowing out and not getting my toe wet in this pond

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