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no one cared when i was fat

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So, most of you have read that I wasn't always heavy. I didn't gain weight until 10 years ago when I was 20. When I was a healthy weight, 140, my doctors would constantly tell me I was "bordering" on overweight and "at-risk". My family member who told me I was chubby since I was age 8 continued on berating me for my size. I was a completely healthy size my whole childhood and teenage years. Anyways, I developed body dysmorphia and truly believed I was gigantic. So, I gave up and ate. And ate. Until I actually was large. And then no one cared. That family member stopped making comments. Not a single doctor commented on my size. No doctor ever brought up any risks from obesity. It all stopped. It was like I had so much pressure when I was thin to stay thin, but then when I was fat I was a lost cause and no one cared anymore. But I look at my picture from the day before my surgery and it actually disgusts me. I am clearly uncomfortable. I am miserable in my skin. I do not look attractive or happy. But no one said a word. I find this to be really infuriating because when I was heavy I needed the encouragement the most and the discussions with the doctors... NOT when I was actually healthy and fit and "1 pound away from being considered overweight on the BMI". I sometimes feel really angry that all the people around me saw me looking how I did and didn't say a word of concern. When I expressed my discomfort of being heavy to my ex he just said "screw it. let's just get fat together, who cares". I wish people "cared" when I was actually gaining weight as much as they "cared" when I was fit. I probably wouldn't have had such severe emotional eating issues, although probably still some dysmorphia from the childhood comments from the family member. Everytime I do a before and after photo now I am just appalled because I am *almost* the weight now when everyone was telling me I was fat. But when I was ACTUALLY fat no one said a word. But suddenly now I look great? Um. 10 years ago you were calling me fat at this size.

TLDR; I look at my "fat" pic and feel so gross and angry that no one cared that I was fat that should have cared, except me. Screenshot_20190822-201926_Gallery.jpeg

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😢 I’m sorry for all you’ve gone through. For all the years I’ve spent overweight I wondered the same things about why no one voiced a caring opinion. Maybe they thought it was none of their business? I’ve been to my doctor and have left in tears when I was warned about health risks resulting from being overweight. I left and said some terrible things to myself and then ate to feel better thinking I was too far gone. That being said..I literally just woke up one day and decided that I needed to fix this for me. You know as well as I do that this journey isn’t easy and relying on others to assist sometimes doesn’t work the way we think it should. But you have the strength within you to overcome obstacles of your past and present to live your best life. Some days will be tougher than others..when that happens reach out. Loving the “old” us as a step to the “new” us is hard.

Best wishes.

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I know what you mean. I tell people all the time "the last time I weighed what I weigh now, I was considered fat because I was on the way up!" I had weighed 112 lbs so when I hit 124 I was fat! The other day when a friend whispered into my ear, "don't lose any more weight, you will be too thin," I asked her, "how come you didn't tell me not to gain any more weight?" Rude is rude, no matter which side of the scale you are on! Do your own thing and be happy with it! Don't worry about what anyone else says!

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Posted (edited)

Consider that perhaps:

+The people who really cared likely didn't want to kick you while you were down

+Those that were neutral/ambivalent just saw you for you (the best)

+Those who were highly critical likely used you as a mirror reflecting their own fears of imperfection (nothing to do with you at all)

+And some may have simply discussed your weight in passing/behind your back.

All past tense (you can never be 10 or 20 yrs old again) Your present & future truths are so much more important.

Good Luck with the struggle 💜

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    • Krestel

      Yesterday I discovered stretchy pants. It was the first time that I walked into a normal store and dared to try on clothes in over many many years. Scary, but I found some guy chinos that I liked. I was even able to wear women's sizes even though the legs were wayyyyy too short.
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    • CrowLuv

      Down 31 pounds in my first month! OK, so a month and two days, but I'm counting it anyway. 😆
      At this point, I'm doing well overall. According to surgeons' instructions, I'm on soft foods for another week-ish. I'm so ready for solids - the soft foods can be such "sliders" and I have to be extra, extra careful.
      For example, my refried beans + dollop of plain Greek yogurt + tomatillo salsa verde became a problem. I never felt satisfied and felt I could have easily had a much bigger serving. Then, far worse was when I made homemade hummus - holy cow it is SO GOOD, but again - felt like I could have downed a quart, no problem. 😂
      It's (for me at least) extremely challenging to "eat mindfully" when the food is that soft. I mean for crying out loud, there's nothing to "chew on"! 😂
      So, couple of days ago - I committed to no more refried beans and no more hummus. Farewell my delicious friends. Going to focus on chicken and tuna and eggs for the time being (ground up til mushy, of course). 
      I'm hoping that once I get the go-ahead to introduce solids I will be able to feel the restriction. Because honestly? I'm only a month in, and I feel NO restriction. It's frustrating, but not the end of the world. Willpower was never my problem. But I'm so looking forward to that feeling I hear a lot on here when people say "Oh I ate half an egg and was SO STUFFED." This has....not been my experience. 😕
      Really hoping that's because my foods are so mushy/soft right now. We shall see. 
      Regardless, I'm 100 percent committed. I hear over and over how this tool is the most powerful for about a year, maybe/possibly a wee bit more. I will not sabotage that for the world. 
      So - doing my happy dance at 31 pounds down - I'm in a "weight decade" I haven't seen in a very long time. And it only gets better from here! 
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      1. Bastian

        Fantastic! Well done on the beans and hummus restriction, :D :141_dancer:

    • veisor  »  Panda333

      Thank you for replying.   It means the world to me.  It also confirmed what I been feeling about which procedure to choose.   I fall into the category as you do and elected the sleeve as it seemed to be less invasive and recovery would be better and faster,  however I am so afraid to regain the weight back since I rarely eat and obesity runs in my family.   I have two siblings that had the bypass and they have been successful.  My sister was in the high 400's and is about 140 now and has been for several years since her procedure.  I guess I felt that the sleeve would allow me to have more control, however I realized that I can't control my genetics and that is one of the biggest reasons that I am here.  Yes, I have not always made the best choices but trust me when I say that I have been on the loss and regain + more rollercoaster weight ride for yrs! I have spent so much money as I am sure you have as well as many others who are going through this.  It is not easy and anyone who thinks this is a copout is crazy!!! This has been harder than anything I have done including hiring a personal trainer to kick my butt in the gym! And still with all the gym hours, clean eating "not to mention the clean eating cost" I knew it was time that I moved to the next step to finally be who I know in my head and heart cause when I see myself in the mirror,  well let's just say is not the girl I see in my mind. 
      So thanks again for your reply and I hope that we can keep in touch through our journey. 
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    • AggiG

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    • Pookeyism

      I'm going in for a sleeve revision October 4th. It worked well for me, and I am not back to my starting weight. However, a revision is strongly encouraged at this time (there are additional medical issues). I have decided to forgo the insurance process, even though I know I would eventually be approved. "Eventually" is the key issue here. I have a small window to create this to where it will not impact my work or home life as much, and waiting for the insurance approval would take over a year.
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