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Backpacking 2 months out from surgery

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I had my first post-surgery backpacking trip this week. It was GORGEOUS, and only 3.5 miles in. There were some interesting elevation changes, though. For food I mostly ate salmon Jerky, cheese sticks, salmon pouches, and almonds here and there. That part was fine. Getting enough fluids in was a real challenge, though. The day before my trip I paid very close attention to my intake, I do struggle to get in my Water. On the trail I stopped to get down water mixed with nuun tabs (electolytes). As long as I did that prior to having an issue, it was fine. The trouble I had was on day 3. My ability to stay adequately hydrated for my activity level in those circumstances was problematic. I did it. Nothing bad happened. But it became clear that I HAVE to do a better job hydrating in general, and that I need to be patient with myself as my body continues to change.

Now, about the trip. It was GORGEOUS. Serene lake, out near Mt. Hood. The wildflowers were in full bloom. The terrain was varied and interesting. On Friday it was warm enough that we were able to play in the lake. The picture of my yellow tarp tent is from the first night’s camp spot. The first photo and the last two are from night #2’s spot. The rocky terrain looked like the perfect spot for pika, but we thought the elevation was too low for them. We were wrong! There were pika right next to our camp spot, meeping their little hearts out. It was wonderful.

Some of the things that I enjoyed about it, after having lost weight: clambering over logs and rocks was MUCH easier, going uphill was way easier (even with the added pack weight), my feet didn’t hurt at all afterwards, and I felt more balanced in general. I’m REALLY excited to keep seeing improvements. Now if I could just get my stomach to be less fussy about getting water in, it would be perfect.







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Beautiful pictures! A great way to get your excersize in and enjoy the great outdoors at the same time. I'm happy to hear it was easier on you this time and it will just continue to get better 😊

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Wow! Where is the lake?

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10 minutes ago, ValerieInMexico said:

Wow! Where is the lake?

It’s in the Mount Hood area.

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        💜STAY STRONG💜

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