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Struggling with eating when busy

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So I'm out a little over 18 months, though virtually all of my ~100 lbs lost was done in the first 6ish months, so I've been on maintenance a while. I've been doing really well and my weight has been +/- 3 lbs the entire time.

I just started a new job and I've been really busy. My problem right now is that I'm not feeling hungry so I don't eat and I'm running around so it feels like when I do eat I'm competing with whether to eat or drink, this has me down to 3 meals a day (from ~6) and my calorie intake is half what it should be for the past 2 weeks. I'm starting to lose weight and generally feel like crap. I've tried adding in some higher calorie stuff (pastry, sausage, cheese, nuts), but just don't have enough time to eat. I likely need to do some kind of schedule, but my struggle is what can I eat that's < 4 oz, but will get me ~500 calories per meal? Any suggestions on easy nutritionally dense Snacks so I can have fewer bigger meals with this new schedule? Other folks have this issue when they get busy?

For some reason if I don't eat or drink for a few hours its like my stomach clenches as well and my capacity is greatly reduced, for example I didn't have dinner until after 8 tonight and even eating 2 eggs was a no-go with pain like I over-ate, so that's also causing some issues.

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So, is the issue that you are not getting enough nutrition, or your not getting enough calories for fitness purposes? They really are 2 different ideas.

If its about general nutrition, then you have got to supplement somehow. An extra Protein Shake, a Quest bar. Something you can keep with you and eat on the fly.

If its about competition nutrition, you might want to consider mass gainers. Yes...i know...talking about a mass gainer in a bariatric forum is like talking about the bible in a brothel (not something that is easily done, but could produce some great results).

Im curious what your overall goal is here.

Nurse Mike

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Thanks for the reply. Nutrition I'm hitting my Macros and in good shape. My issue is just that I'm losing weight, not trying to bulk up for competition or something like that.. but losing 5 lbs just because I'm busy, even when not doing a ton of physical activity. This is a problem because when I drop too much I look sick and feel sick... High class problem I know, but still a problem.

I have since done more Protein Bars, which are easy to have on my, calorie dense and decent nutritionally. I've been doing more peanuts and Peanut Butter too. That has helped the last couple of weeks, plus having pre-cooked stuff I can just grab (cheese, sausages, chicken, etc). With those changes I'm maintaining

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