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Exercise/Energy Supplements - Not tired anymore!

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So, I've been tired my whole life. LOL. No, seriously. Since I was about 13, I remember being constantly tired. Like could barely keep my eyes open on a daily basis tired. And I was not overweight until age 20 and not obese until a few years ago, so it wasn't weight-related. Had all the thyroid and metabolic testing under the sun blah blah blah. Used to force myself to be active in sports, etc, when I was thinner, too... still tired af.

Anyways, the last several weeks I've been taking a number of different supplements alleging to help with energy that are caffeine/stimulant-free. And I have actually noticed a substantial difference within the last two weeks. For the first time IN MY LIFE I feel awake during the day; like I don't need a mid-day nap. I am taking several so I don't know which is the effective one, but thought I'd share the list. Honestly, I figured most of these things are placebo or some BS woo crap, but one of them is genuinely making a big difference. It's either the arginine or the inosine, I think, because the T2 and chia I've been taking a while now to no effect.

ThyroTwin - Thyronine (T2) - a.m.

L-Arginine - noon

Inosine - noon

Beet root extract - p.m.

Chia seed extract - a.m.

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