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2007 lapbander with evening pain?

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I had surgery in 07 at 243 pounds, lost 45 and since then it's been up and down/love hate bander. I'm at 255 now and can't lose even with WW. (Also have a spinal cord injury and limited on physical activity)

Last year I ended up with an ulcer from ibuprofen. Did a round of Nexium and been better since if I eat right.

A few weeks ago it started acting up so i started another round of the Nexium. It's helping during the day. But-In the evening I am having terrible pain in my stomach, and it hurts a little to walk. Also if i lay down it helps some, and by morning I'm in no pain again. (This happened the first time the ulcer was bad last year but after a couple of weeks of Nexium it went away).

My question is, has anyone experienced this?

I'm away from home for almost a month, so I can't just skip over to my family Dr or my lapband surgeon.

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