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Frothy/Foam vomit or spit up

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Mine only come when I eat something I can't tolerate yet like steak, soft tortillas, and so forth. Sorry you're getting them with everything.

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5 hours ago, Seb Palmer said:

Every time a sip Water or eat

I had the foamies or slimies in my first couple of months, but like GradyCat above, I only got them as a consequence of eating things that my sleeve didn't tolerate or eating too much of something. I don't get them too much anymore. At this point, the most I get is maybe some extra thick saliva if I've overdone it a bit.

@Seb Palmer, if you're getting this with Water, you might want to let your doctor know. It doesn't seem quite right that you're getting it with water (something that should pass pretty easy through your sleeve)

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I'm about 5 weeks post op and I still get the foamies (or thick saliva) when I eat too much -- it's actually a good measuring tool for me because I'm still trying to figure out exactly how much I can/can't eat, and I'm absolutely terrible at eating slowly

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10 hours ago, Seb Palmer said:

How in the world do I get rid or eliminate the foamies? It drives me crazy. Every time a sip Water or eat....here they come. Someone help!

I'm almost 5 months out and I still get the foamies when I eat too much at one sitting.

I don't think I ever had an issue with it with plain Water though. Check with your doctor.

Also, were you prescribed a PPI?

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The foamies is disgusting. I wake up choking on foam and bile so I’m getting bypass from a sleeve. PPIs stopped working a year ago and caused enough bone loss for me to lose my $5,000 dental implant

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3 hours ago, Seb Palmer said:


Proton Pump Inhibitor. These are meds often prescribed by surgeons after WLS to reduce the amount stomach acid your body produces (i.e., the main ingredient of the foamies, slimies, etc). Your body doesn’t know your stomach has reduced in size and is still producing the same amount of Fluid for a regular sized stomach. I was/am prescribed a 6 month stint on them.

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