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Hey guys I'm really tossing up between regular RNY or MGB I'd love to know honest responses on how life is with the MGB (omega loop)

Do you have to eat slowly small bites?

do you get full easily, has your hunger gone away?

how is your weight loss?

Any reflux issues?

Literally good or bad information I need it all. Thank you.

Like how much did you lose each month?

or by 6 month and then 12 month?

I've been told that RNY and MGB are very similar stat wise?

Hope to hear from everyone :)

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I had a sleeve revision to MGB a couple of years ago. Im almost back to my original weight. The reflux has put me in a really bad place and just had 3 tests done to figure out what is going on. I found out today that when my MGB was done that the pouch created was almost the size of a regular stomach, so my best advice is to do your research when it comes to your doctor and know their process and success rate. If they have 98 amazing outcomes and 2 bad....don't dismiss the 2 bad ones....Im one of those and Im miserable.

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